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  1. bec369

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    Hello All!

    First post (pictures to come soon).
    We got our first corgi on March 28th. He's 3 1/2 month old-ish (born January 16, I believe), tri color Pembroke. Benny is such a cool little guy! I come from the world of retired racing greyhounds and currently have a lurcher (greyhound/lab) and an Italian greyhound. We also have 3 adult cats. So corgis are a whole new breed for me and I'm learning new things all the time!

    Benny is true to his breed: intelligent, bold and independent! As a result, we are still working out housebreaking (was going well, but we've sort of had a setback, but are working through it). He love going for walks and doesn't mind the leash at all, but putting on and taking off the leash gets him crabby! He's a bit assertive with my other pets (the big dog - Sterling - has done well with Benny. My IG, Journey -who was a puppy mill breeder and so done with puppies, just runs off an jumps on something high and out of Benny's reach, and the cats have their expected mixed emotions, but aren't too fazed). We are in puppy kindergarten with an experienced trainer who is familiar with corgis. Benny does well in class, but can be "stubborn".

    I will peruse the forums and glean whatever I can, but I may have questions as we go through this. Potty training is taking longer than I thought it would, but I keep reminding myself that this is a baby and we will get there. I'm also just reading as much as I can about the breed. I read a bunch beforehand, but now that I have an example of the breed in my house, rereading with real life examples is great!

    Open to any opinions, suggestions, words of warning or anything!! :)

  2. Michael Romanos

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    Hi Becky

    Not knowing Benny's exact age is a give-away that he was not brought directly from a breeder or that the breeder is not part of the AKC (if you are in the USA).

    Toilet training is always going to be harder going when one has other elements of distraction such as other dogs and full attention is not focussed on training a puppy.

    Corgi puppies under the age of 10 months should not be exercised as though they are adult Corgis and so I hope that Benny's walks with your other dogs are short.
    Corgis 10 months and over should get an hour of organised exercising daily and longer durations weekly but at three months of age for example, 10-15 minutes daily is ample.

    Corgis under six months of age should also not be subjected to stairs climbing up and down or jumping up and down onto challenging furniture etc.

    These things are all to do with development.

    I hope I have helped a little

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  3. bec369

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    All helpful, except your implication that my dog is not from a reputable breeder. He is an AKC registered dog and we do know his birthdate. The fact that I do not immediately recall it in a quick post while on a break from work does not state anything regarding his breeding. I have read a number of your replies in this forum, and while often hekpful, you can be brusque and a bit rude in your replies. As this was my first post, I think your forum would be best served by reserving judgement until you have all the facts. As someone who has fostered dogs with significant behavioral issues, as well as dogs from racing tracks who have never been in a home, I do a very good job at understanding dog behavior and pack dynamics. What I an looking for is insight into corgis, specifically puppies. I do appreciate your comments. Multiple animals is not our issue, it is learning how the corgi mind works and creating a good relationship with the dog.

    Perhaps I should just use this forum on a read only basis, and seek answers to my questions elsewhere.
  4. Michael Romanos

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    Corgis as puppies are not "independent" as seems to be judged by some. But Corgis do have their own ways of going about things.

    Re your last paragraph in your response: it might be best for you (and me)

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  5. wuzzup

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    Welcome, bec369, and congrats on your new addition! Contrary to popular belief, pem pups are far more fun then a "barrel of monkeys" and I hope each new experience and photo stay with you, forever. They claim that Corgis have the intelligence of 5 year olds but, if you ask me, they are far more smarter (and infinitely more sneaky). They are voyeurs, too; they watch your every move. They can be very clingy and possessive, too, and my missus calls them "traitor" dogs because, wherever room I'm in, that's where you will find both of her furry lovers (we have two pems, both males, 4.5 and 5). They are very sensitive to emotion, especially anger, so, when training, it's best not to curse or yell because they get easily scared and hesitant to approach. They eat like pigs so overfeeding can be a big problem since they are always hungry and foraging the surroundings for something tasty and disgusting. If you have bugs in the house, their days are numbered. Pems are excellent creepy killers and have rescued many a squeamish, sissy homeowner. Their goal and passion in life is to kill every rat, squirrel and rabbit on the planet; it's their equivalent of ganja. So, if you believe in off leash training (as I do), unless you can run a 4.4 sec "40 (yards)", be prepared to get "smoked". Also, if you keep your animal well groomed and in good health, people will actually "think" you are rich, intelligent and dignified...So, be warned!

    Lastly, "multiple animals" may not be an issue but are always a factor, Mike is always "brusque" (but has few equals in passion and knowledge for the breed) and, like people, each pem is unique so whatever I've shared will probably be of little use to you, I'm sure. Again, welcome to our community and I hope you learn to enjoy our well-intentioned cast of corgi kooks. Good ruck!
  6. almostoast

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    Good to know about the stairs, i have been awful proud of marys bravery at attempting to go up and down stairs herself... I shant encourage that anymore. Shes only almost nine weeks
  7. Michael Romanos

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    Almost - the development safety measures of barring a puppy under six months from climbing up and down stairs and excessive jumping applies to Corgis with their short legs and long back and out-of-kilter centre of gravity. Your non-Corgi mixed breed Mary does not come into this category.

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