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Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by tranta1989, May 3, 2013.

  1. tranta1989

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    Pi is going to be 9 weeks in a few days, when I got him home a few days ago, he would eat with a little encouragement. He did start to be a bit more interested in it after I added warm water and softened it up. I did try adding the yogurt also, and he liked it but I think it made his stool very soft. So I am stopping that for a few days and see how it changes.

    He does this weird thing with his food now, he will go over and sniff it and then back up and jump around like its alive! If i throw some on the floor, he will eat it up, sometimes still acting like its going to chase him or something. I feed him Fromm puppy gold and I feed him half a cup, 3 times a day. I can usually coax him into finishing it but yesterday he really didn't have much of an appetite. I wondered if it was the bowl, but he wouldn't eat it out of a smaller bowl either.

    Any suggestions or reasons why he wouldn't eat or acting like that? He is a very healthy and happy puppy!
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  2. Michael Romanos

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    This subject is eternal on Go Corgi but it can be a worry to new inexperienced owners.

    There are many things you can try but keep in mind that a dog can go without food (but not water) for long periods without doing themselves any harm.

    Feeding a puppy proportionate meals of up to six per day is fine. Dogs prefer multiple mealtimes. Don't feed 100% dry processed food but add supplements of any of the following: wet processed dog food such as canned and rolled; finely diced appropriate veggies raw or appropriately cooked; diced cooked meat such as sheep or pig tongues and hearts, sheep tripe; carbos such as cooked rice (brown/wholemeal is best),potatoes and pasta; well cooked fresh corn. There is a dog gravy new on the market in the USA esp for tasting-up dry processed food - refer to my recent thread on this. Lastly, soften the dry kibble a little by soaking the dry food in a very little warm water for several minutes before serving - this is best for the sensitive stomachs of young to middle young Corgi pups.

    Don't leave uneaten food lying around for more than a few minutes.

    Some dogs prefer wet food to dry food.

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  3. Gally

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    If a puppy has a loss of appetite and especially accompanied by diarrhea the first step should be taking him to the vet to rule out any health issues. Pups can deteriorate in condition so fast it's best to rule things out first. How is his energy level?

    After that you can try adding some other foods or try feeding him from a food dispensing toy to try to peak his interest.
  4. tranta1989

    tranta1989 Senior Member

    His stool is hard again after I stopped the yogurt. But he hasn't pooped at all today. He is a puppy so he's always slept a lot, I thought that was normal. When we were at the vet last week, he said puppy looks great. Pi plays and has energy when hes awake, but is sleeping a lot of the day.
  5. gameintruder

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    First of all, let me say that you have got yourself a gorgeous puppy there. Aww, I can remember when Woody was 9 weeks old. He went thru the same thing. He ate very little, and then stopped eating. But he would drink his water.

    I changed his kibble brand and found a wet food brand that he absolutely loves. I first wet his kibble with a little warm water, mix the wet food with his kibble, and as a topper to that, I add a little sour cream, cottage cheese, or cream cheese in his bowl to entice him to eat more. It worked. Till this day I am thankful.

    I know that you're worried, I was too. Just keep searching for new ways to entice him to eat. Hope this helps.

  6. tranta1989

    tranta1989 Senior Member

    Thank you!! I feel like Pi gets A.D.D. and eats but then forgets the foods there, then when he does it, he seems to really like it though? I was hoping that he would get over this "phase"... I do add water to soften his kibble, that seems to help. I didn't want to change the food and stuff to make him a picky eater. But I will have to!

    Thanks for your reply!

  7. gameintruder

    gameintruder Member

    You are very welcome. Believe me, the same behavior as Woody. That's why I know you're worried. I nearly went out of my mind, but when I finally found something, I stuck to it.

    It's a pain in the butt. No doubt about that. My belief is that once you take these puppies from their breeders, they become upset at being taken away from the only family that they've known, although it's such a short time. They may not want to eat because they're in a different environment, etc. In my case, the breeder used a brand that I've never heard of and I couldn't buy the same thing when I did. (Very expensive food, you have to be a member of their club) so I had a lot of searching to do to find and entice my baby to eat.

    I also know about the distraction when they're about to eat. Anything distracted my dog. Even a sneeze. Now, a bomb could go off outside, but he won't leave his plate, lol. I can laugh about it now, but at that time, I was worried to a frazzle.

    I know you don't want to change his food, I felt the same way. But my pup got really finicky, and I had no other choice but to change his food. I don't like seeing my baby losing weight. And you will find something too. Don't despair. I wish you so much luck.

    BTW, I use Cesar Food to mix it with Woody's kibbles. I take the small container and divide it into 3 sections, for each feeding. "Savory Delights" seem to come in very good flavors that he loves. I believe there are 4 flavors for "Delights". And it's Woody's favorite. They're a little more expensive because they come with potatoes, bacon, peas, carrots and even some cheese, depending on which "Delights" you use. I really do hope this helps you and your cute puppy. :)


    P.S. This happened not long ago. Woody is now 5 months old this week. So it was pretty recent. Also, when you do find something, try and use different flavors to top off your puppies kibbles. This way, they never get bored of eating the same thing. My finicky eater did this. This is why I alternate the flavors. It keeps him coming back for more. ;)
  8. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    There are a multitude of different processed dry food on the market and some of these are excellent. So there are plenty of alternatives but as I have said some - even many - dogs prefer wet to dry. If your dog is not keenly interested in the food he/she gets then there are plenty of sampling that can be done.

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  9. tranta1989

    tranta1989 Senior Member

    Your experience gives me hope! :)

    Well he has definitely been eating now! I still have to coax him into eating it, I will put some on the floor and he'll eat it and then head over to his bowl and eat some, walk away. I'd call him over and if I hold his bowl sideways, he eats it. Strange.

    My breeder fed him Fromm puppy gold which is a really good puppy food, never had a recall. Quality product. I asked her to buy me a bag, so I now have this 30 lb bag. I want him to just get use to eating it. It's not like he hates it, it just takes him longer to eat it. I'm sure it comes with the A.D.D. of being a 9 week old puppy!

    He enjoys it much more also now that I let it soak longer before giving it to him.

  10. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Food variety - well that is one of the very good reasons why I strongly reinforce the supplementaries to meals. Get the right main part of each meal (which is usually premium dry processed kibble) and always add some non-dry supplements but not more than 20 % of each meal.

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  11. gameintruder

    gameintruder Member

    I love giving people hope. There are a lot of us here that have gone through the same thing, and we all have different ways of dealing with this type of situation. It's very hopeful that your baby still eats his kibbles (I knew you would say it was expensive ;)) Maybe what you just need is some kind of wet food to mix with his kibbles. It seems that our little corgis like flavor in their food. Not just the kibbles. It's amazing how some dogs will just eat kibbles alone with no problems at all. They even have to hide their bags! I'll admit, I'm a bit envious, lol. I wish Woody would do the same without me going nuts. It's always noted that this breed of dog is greedy and can become overweight. Not true. Like any other dog, they too can be VERY finicky about their meals. The breed doesn't matter. No matter what breed of dog, you always have to pay attention to how much you feed them. Just my opinion.

    Your pup is growing and he needs his nutrition. In the beginning, I used to crate Woody with his food for a few minutes. Just like someone here at Go Corgi suggested I do (I think it was Peggy. Thanks Peggy ;)). It worked. He started tasting food for the first time regardless of distraction. You might want to try that too. Make sure his crate is in a quiet room and crate him with his food. If in a few minutes he doesn't eat his meal, take it away. Try again at his next feeding. See what he does. With our little finicky eaters, we have to try whatever it takes to make them eat. :)

  12. tranta1989

    tranta1989 Senior Member

    I did think about the crate idea! I think I will do that tomorrow! See if he is less distracted with walking away and toys and such. I am very proud to say that he rings the bell to go outside to potty now!! If you are interested, I have a youtube account too, he's funny. My username is lilbaybt228, you'll find some videos of him :)
  13. Michael Romanos

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    Ringing a bell in request of wanting to go outside or to the toilet is quite unique I would have thought for a dog and a level up from vocalising or just standing to attention and pointing in the right direction.

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