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    So anyone else out there suffer from"oh god , my corgi is just too cute", disease . Let me explain,Ben is usually pretty good on his walks lately,he is polite, he moves out of the way when joggers etc. go by. He is quieter when other dogs go by, he is getting better and better. Then today, ooooh ,today, he pulled at leash, barked everywhere, at everything,he was slobbering,barking mad dawg(no worries Michael, nothing physical or medical), then this woman came walking towards us, Ben all of a sudden became his normal semi well behaved self, she stopped, asked if she could pet him,he rolled over ,she gave him belly rubs. She then said, "oh god,your corgi is just soooo cute!"she sat and petted and belly rubbed him awhile then left, we continued on our way,Ben was much better behaved.My Benson seems to know people,like he picks them cause he'll get his way,this is one smart corgi!
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    Taylor gets this kind of treatment often. Only today walking in a shopping area and parking himself outside the cafe that my wife and i had lunch in, he was admired and "mobbed". One of the cafe staff brought him a clean bowl of water without us asking or her even knowing who the Corgi belonged to.
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    Picturing this in my head made me laugh! Ben sounds like a charmer! :D

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