Parrot jealousy

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Michael Romanos, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Just brimming below the surface sometimes is Taylor's jealousy at what he perceives is undue attention paid to 10 month old Frankie, the Indian Ringneck parrot - and it can boil over.
    Frankie's growing long long tail meant that the old cage is too small for him so today I brought home a much larger cage complete with new toys and perches and swing and food etc containers. It's a real beaut. Like going from one star to a five star accomodation for Frankie.
    Frankie doesn't like it and Taylor couldn't stop crying and being agitated. For the last 7 hours or so, Franke refuses to eat or talk or whistle or budge from a tiny portion of the large 'room' where he now can 'spread his wings.' He won't investigate his new environment nor try things out. He is one big sulk. All he does is bob his head in furious fashion which is his way of telling us he is either stressed or wants food treats or wants out. And Taylor is really upset with all this attention given Frankie and his cages and all the fluffing around.
    Perhaps i should simply let Taylor into the new cage and Frankie can have his old run down, inadequate cage back for peace of mind allround.
    Oh well, by the weekend both Frankie and Taylor wiill have settled down and accepted each other and respect the gifts that befall them. And it will be safe again for Frankie to chase Taylor around the floor in our house.
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    No worries, Michael, Frankie just needs a few days to get acclimated with the new digs! The new cage sounds very nice, did you put any of his old stuff back in his new cage? That might make him feel better, if he recognizes one old perch or something. I am sure that Frankie will be just fine in a few days.. I love the indian ring necked parrots, they are beautiful birds...

    I am sure that Taylor will settle down , he is probably just reacting to Frankie being so out of sorts than the extra attention that Frankie is getting...

  3. Michael Romanos

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    Emilie - Taylor is over it and Frankie was caught perchng on the swing early this morning. The swing that came with the cage, has a non-slip surface.
    He has now spent some time on the floor of the cage where he is use to feeding from under the 'old system.' But the floor now contains just a water container and a grit container. Yes he has several items he previously 'owned.'
    He has a bendable rope perch to get to know as well as a toy featuring coconut pieces with which he can take a ride on and play with the jangly things hanging down from it, and an exta ladder. The main 'normal' perch which runs the width of the cage, he doesn't yet want to tryout. Parrots suppose to be remarkably intelligent but they don't accept a change of lifestyle and environment too readily.

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