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  1. CeeCeeRed

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    So it's been two weeks since my husband and I brought Thor home and we're having problems keeping him busy.

    We both agree he seems to be getting bored. We can entice him to play for only short bursts of a minute or two unless it's with our hands and we're trying to teach him not to bite at our hands during play so when it happens we tell him no so he goes and sulks. (seems to be his favorite way to play).

    He'll also chase me for a bit but then 'corgi-flops' as we call it on his tummy and backlegs sticking out and stay there or go lay on an air vent starimg at us

    He has the energy, and the will bit if we wont pkay how he wants he sulks and wont come to us.

    Got a 9" ball he seems like like to chase outdoors but not indoors, but even that only holds his attention for so long.

    What are some sugestions to help him play his favorite way while not having him bite our hands?

    (Started basic command training anf going to puppy classes soon and hope to be able to walk him around the neighborhood soon so that should help.)
  2. Michael Romanos

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    He wouldn't be a Corgi pup if he didn't like playing with your hands. He needs toys for chewing, grappling and throwing and you can play tug (gently) with him with tug toys. If you have a set of inside stairs have him at the top and you down the bottom and throw him a ball for catching and encourage him to nose or push the ball down to you so you can throw back to him. This game is easy to pick up for a Corgi. No matter how much exercise and energy he expels, he will almost always be up for a game and play. H Is he acutely aware of TV. If so then tune in to the Dogtv channel which is available in the USA. Then there are canine toys that talk, make multiple sounds and those that randomly move around. It is impossible though to play as much with your Corgi as he would like and keep him as happy as he could be. I think that getting him out and about safely in your property during daylight and in reasonable to good conditions with things he can play with and places he can relax outdoors and maybe have good views of activity eg traffic going past, birds is the best of all. Outdoor appreciation is very important.
  3. CeeCeeRed

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    He plays fetch occasionally. Sometimes he'll bring it back others he'll chew the ball a bit then wander off. Going to get a kong for him to put kibble into and he does eatch the tv! I had Pirates of the Caribbean on one day and he was watchimg for a bit, same thing when my husband and I were watching scrubs on the couch while he chewed a rubber bone. (we're keepong a close eye on this, but it's standing up to his teeth very well and it makes a crinkly noise when he chews it so he likes the sound.)
  4. Michael Romanos

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    Training and more training in short spurts followed by some play is good for his brain and is a little tiring. Training also mean learning "tricks".
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  5. CeeCeeRed

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    Been a bit, he's almost 3 months old! Signing him up for classes so he'll be happy to get tonplay with other puppies!
    He enjoyed playing with our friends german\dutch shepherd mux though she wasn't quite sure what to mke of him.

    We try to keep keep him on his toes when training. My husband and I will stay at oppisite ends of the house and call him to us, changing where we are occasionally. First time my husband did this it confused the poor thing for a bit lol. We throw in the sit command and occasionally withold the kibble bit. Working on 'down' so we can add that in soon.

    We try to walk him twice a day for short spurts, morning and evening when it is cool. He tries to chase cats occasionally.

    Inside play usually consists of chase or be chased, he tells us when he wants to switch rolls, and then occasionally dives under the end tables or desk, more often than not bonking his head which makes us wince.

    He loves his kong and carrots! So it's fun to hide a carrot in the kong though he gets that out in no time. Looking into a treat ball to hide kibbles in. May keep him occupied longer!

    He's doing better about biting, not so hard any more but once in a while he will. Usually just gnaws now on our hands and clothes so working on that. He also likes towels.... So now we cant have one hanging on the stove any longer... Oh well lol
  6. Michael Romanos

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    Today I am going to give Fletcher a hunting game. I am going to divide the food of one of his mealtimes into a little in five-six saucers and hide each saucer in different parts of the house and then tell Fletcher top go and find his lunch or dinner. Taylor has done this many times and he was even faultless in finding all his food in the property of a neighbour - all two acres of it. This is not only an enjoyable game but it is verging on natural with the dog "hunting" for his food.

    One thing Corgis have are excellent scenting abilities.

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