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    Prey Model Raw - Simplified

    Note: For a full getting started guide see here - Dedicated to proper carnivore nutrition - Prey Model Raw Feeding for Dogs & Cats

    How Much to Feed: Dogs should be fed 2 to 4% of their body weight a day. For a 25lb corgi that would be 0.75 lbs a day or 12 ounces at 3%.

    How to Balance the Diet: Balance over time is key. Over a week we aim to feed a diet that consists of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organs. These percentages replicate what a wild dog or wolf would eat from a whole prey animal such as a deer or rabbit.

    Getting started: It's best to switch cold turkey to this diet so the dog's digestive system can fully adjust to the raw diet and build up the necessary enzymes to break down the richer meats and harder bones. We start with the most bland meats with soft bones first and work up. The order usually suggested is: chicken, turkey, fish or pork, beef, organs, other meat proteins and organs.

    We start with feeding skinless bony chicken for at least 1 week of consistently good poop before working on adding back in the skin and any other removed fat. Then we move on to turkey for at least another week of good poop before adding in the next protein. As each protein is introduced start with a bony cut and work on adding in more meat and fat over time. When you get to beef and organs there wont be bony cuts to feed so your dog will need to be well adjusted to digesting raw already. Organs are introduced very slowly, starting after beef is well tolerated add in a tiny fingernail sized sliver of liver to a bony meal. Each day, if they are doing well add in another additional sliver until they are eating the full amount needed.

    Supplements: A properly balanced raw diet doesn't require supplementation. If you cannot get good quality oily fish where you live then you can supplement with fish oil once a day. If your dog suffers from joint issues there are natural "supplements" that can be used such as chicken/duck feet and green lipped muscles.

    Daily meal recipes for feeding a corgi twice daily:

    Chicken meal:
    -1 chicken drumstick (typical weight is 5-6 ounces)
    directions: Take chicken quarter and hand to dog

    Beef meal:
    -6 ounces of beef heart
    directions: Cut up one beef heart into 6 ounce pieces and freeze any you wont use in the next 2 days. Take piece of beef heart and hand to dog.

    Organ meal:
    -6 ounces of beef/pork liver or kidney or 1 ounce combined with chicken meal everyday
    directions: Cut organ up into 6 ounce or 1 ounce pieces and freeze any excess pieces for later use. Feed one 6 ounce piece for a meal 1-2 times a week or feed a small 1 ounce piece once a day.

    Fish meal:
    -5-6 smelt or 1 medium sized mackerel
    directions: take fish and hand to dog, feed this meal once a week for the omega-3s.

    Other meal ideas: turkey necks, drumsticks, wings, chicken hearts, liver, wings, feet, quarters, pork heart, ribs, shoulder, feet, neck, ground beef, spleen, lung, tripe, ducks, lamb, canned fish in water, eggs, sardines, herring, buffalo, quail, venison, wild caught meat (should be frozen for at least 3 weeks before serving)

    Warning: A raw or homecooked diet should be thoroughly researched before getting started.

    Resources: Dedicated to proper carnivore nutrition - Prey Model Raw Feeding for Dogs & Cats kaos pages/health/Nutrients.pdf
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    Gally, thank you for a very informative post. Loved the directions ".... hand to dog". Priceless! :)


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