Problems with getting Puppy to come!

Discussion in 'Puppy Development & Socialization' started by like, Feb 11, 2014.

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    So Maple is eleven weeks old and I've had her for two weeks now. She's a smart pembroke corgi. She hasn't had an accident in the house in days and she's even getting accustomed to her leash (when I first got it, she wouldn't even let me put it on without biting). There's one problem. When we're in the apartment, she follows me around like a little shadow. But she keeps her distance. When I try to call her to me, she only comes if she feels like it. The other 20% of the time she completely ignores me. But here's the thing- She will look me right in the eyes, lay down but won't come over to me. It almost feels like she's being insolent on purpose. Other than that, she's very well behaved. Any suggestions for this problem? We're going to start puppy classes next month so hopefully that will help. But I want to work on this now.
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    Some Corgis do have a very independent personality early on. But just go back to the basics and keep at them for as long as your Corgi lives, though basic training goes from a few times a day as per now to a few rimes a month. Come, sit, stay can be trained in your lounge and always use the praise and reward methods and always finish on a positive note followed by play. Gently does it and make them short. I have never been to puppy classes with my Corgis and prefer to train them at home. For socialising, puppy classes are helpful. By the way as regards to agility, if a dog does the basics (come,sit,stay) well, then that is a huge step along the way to agility ability.

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    Don't take it personally. This is puppy behavior. Make yourself appealing. Call her and treat her. If she doesn't come to you, follow through and bring her to you. I took a class where they suggested that you keep a piece of parachute cord attached to her collar at all times inside. (Of course you always need to supervise her for safety. I wouldn't leave it on in a crate for instance.). Then, everytime you call her, you can rein her in. I did this with Otto and it worked well. You don't want them to think they have a choice.
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    Keep a pocket full of treats/puppy food.....reward the behaviors you want to keep and be consistent....use the same words for commands you want..... Time, patience, repetition, and love are all it takes to train any dog to do most anything..... I am always surprised what people have trained their dogs to do......

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