Puppy Hip Scare

Discussion in 'Health Issues & Questions' started by resqguy, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. resqguy

    resqguy Junior Member

    Yesterday we took Galen, our 16 week old Cardi, to the Vet for an exam and scheduled shots. While Galen has no problem walking, he does bunny hop a bit, the Vet observed some play and minor popping in his rear hips.

    The Vet called us back and is recommending he get X-rays. I'm leaning toward taking that advice. He also said that if there is a problem that there is a procedure that can be done on puppies to remedy the problem.

    Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis

    I was wondering if anyone has heard of this or had it done. This procedure is for puppies less that 5 months old. If this procedure is effective, it seems a lot of owners would be able to head off problems later on in life.
  2. Westwood

    Westwood Senior Member

    I personally would definitely get a second opinion before going through with surgery. I'd probably send the films in to the OFA as well, because many vets are just not well educated in the corgi anatomy.
  3. Gally

    Gally Senior Member

    I agree with Westwood. Definitely get a second opinion if surgery is suggested. I'm not saying he doesn't need it but you don't want to do something so serious without considering all the options. I think bunny hopping is pretty normal for a corgi puppy especially when they are running but hip popping is a concern.
  4. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    I agree, second opinion. My old vet when i brought Dillon in with a slight limp did xrays and immediately exclaimed that my puppy had elbow dysplasia AND hip Dysplasia.. Well I freaked out. I mean , i got my puppy from a VERY reputable breeder. I ran out for a second opinion. The "specialist" also got it wrong and thought my puppy had premature bone plate closure in the front leg and wanted to do a very expensive and terribly invasive surgery on his little leg. Well I was distraught. In the end , he didnt have the surgery as his leg "fixed itself" according to that specialist. I switched vets immediately. The new vet was also showed and bred corgis.. she took one look at him and his x-rays and told me he was a typically developing corgi with panosteitis (aka growing pains).

    So it pays to make sure you go to a vet that is familiar with the corgi anatomy as they are achondroplastic (dwarfism) and have a very different anatomy than a lot of the other breeds of dog.

  5. resqguy

    resqguy Junior Member

    Right now he is just recommending the PennHip X-Rays, which he doesn't do. The JPS is an out-patent procedure and is characterized as preventive for hip dysplasia.
  6. Westwood

    Westwood Senior Member

    I wouldn't put a dog through surgery for something that "might" happen, not without xrays evaluated by an expert and a definitive diagnosis of hip dysplasia. Many corgis are naturally somewhat dysplastic but never have any symptoms and live long and happy lives.
  7. ButtersBall

    ButtersBall Member

    Oh no poor guy! I hope he feels better soon and you have good luck at the specialist.
  8. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    Can you speak with your breeder about this? I am FAR from an expert, but my understanding is bunny hopping, can be a symptom of HD, but it doesn't mean the puppy/dog WILL develop or has HD. Corgis DO bunny hop and it usually means nothing.

    Does Galen do alot of repetitive and excessive jumping? Like agility training? That *might* cause some issues, while his bone structure is developing.

    It sounds to me like your vet is just laying out the possible scenarios. They can't diagnose HD without x-rays. Is your vet recommending Penn Hip vs OFA due to Galen's age?

    Personally, bunny hopping wouldn't worry me at all.

    If it did...I would (if you're not already) feed him a quality, grain inclusive, ALS food and stop any jumping. If I was still worried about it, and wanted peace of mind, I would have the x-rays done...you're going to have to see a different vet for those right? If the x-rays suggest HD, I'd probably have a second and third opinion, before doing anything invasive...and try to find a vet experienced with corgis, since their x-rays ARE sometimes misread, due to their dwarfism.

    I'm not a fan of preventative surgery for a condition that may or may not develop. On the other hand, it is my understanding HD can be diagnosed at a younger age than Galen is now and corgis DO develop HD. To me developing HD and maybe or likely to develop it are two very different things.

    I think there are old threads on this and will try to find them for you. Good Luck!

    EDIT to add: http://www.gocorgi.com/forums/genetics-hereditary-issues/1157-hip-dysplasia.html
    Here are some threads on bunny hopping: http://www.gocorgi.com/forums/general-corgi-discussions/1499-bunny-hopping.html
  9. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    Ok, yes, corgis CAN be dysplastic. However, for most of them it does not cause pain or major problems.

    Second, to most vets, a x-ray of corgi hips will look dysplastic. Even the OFA is now admitting that corgi hips are not like those of other dogs and the hip joint itself is usually shallower.

    I agree with the second opinion. IMO, I would not do any procedure as a preventive for hip dysplasia on a corgi.

  10. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    I agree. Bunny hopping is quite normal for corgis.

    Right again.

  11. resqguy

    resqguy Junior Member

    I wanted to update this thread and thank everyone for their thoughts and concerns.

    We took Galen in for the "Penn Hip" X-rays. The results came back and he was fine, he didn't need the surgery.

    The vet was being cautious based on all the evidence. Galen's parents both had just a "fair" rating on their OFA X-rays.

    Galen is doing just fine. He appears to be a normal Cardigan puppy. I am so happy to be bringing him up with an older brother, Charlie. I see threads about puppies having behavior issues etc. and when I watch the influence of the older dog on the younger one I realize how much help Charlie is. Charlie is a mix breed but the personality comes from the Corgi part. The only downside is Galen seems to like Charlie almost better than us.
  12. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    :clap: Great News!
  13. TheChubbyOne

    TheChubbyOne Senior Member

    Hurray, glad you had a happy ending! :) :)

    You must've been quite worried for a while there, I bet.
  14. resqguy

    resqguy Junior Member

    Here is one of the X-rays.

  15. TheChubbyOne

    TheChubbyOne Senior Member

    Definitely can see the little docked nub.
  16. Snowberry

    Snowberry Senior Member

    Whoops, Chubby ! Galen is a Cardigan, no docked tail.
  17. Westwood

    Westwood Senior Member

    That's great news. :) Yay for Galen!
  18. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    So glad to hear that Galen doesn't need surgery.. what a relief.

  19. TheChubbyOne

    TheChubbyOne Senior Member

    Hehe, silly me >

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