Raife was attacked by another corgi last Saturday. =<

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Mynya, Mar 30, 2013.

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    My fiance and I took Raife to a corgi meetup group at an off-leash fenced dog park. There were tons of corgis both Pemmies and Cardis, but in order to attend this meetup, there were some pretty standard rules....No intact dogs, no excessive barking, and most important of all...you can't bring dogs who are aggressive towards other dogs. That's so obvious isn't it? Well, what happened was there was this Cardi named Jack, and when Raife went over to sniff him and possibly give him a kiss, because that's just what he does...Jack attacked him and luckily since were were standing so close, we were able to get Raife away from him before he could do any real damage, However the mental damage seemed to have already been done. We had pretty much just gotten to the dog park and so after this happened, Raife had his tail between his legs the entire rest of the time that we were there, he didn't really want to play with the other corgis, and instead used that time to run around (protecting) us and barking at any dog/human who came close...We were devastated....he had never had this kind of an encounter with another dog before and now he is so skittish around people....he seems fine around dogs, but he hasn't been around many since this incident. He barks at anyone who walks by him and especially children, since I'm sure they give off an unpredictable energy...A few days after this happened, I received an email saying that Jack was responsible for more attacks that same day and one was even caught on video. I will link the video..It isn't graphic or anything, but it was a real wake-up call to us. Seeing an owner who let her dog be alpha and be so overprotective of her, that he would attack any dog who came up to introduce themselves was scary to see. Does anyone have any advice for how we can handle introducing Raife to people now, or how to keep him quiet when they walk by...He's so scared...his heart beats so fast, and he just wants to run away...I don't want him to be so fearful, but I also do not want to nurture the fear. Thank you for listening and I appreciate any advice you might have.

    Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ALT-8roL2SE

    I want to once again mention that this is not Raife in the video, but another dog that was attacked at the park...Actually, it was more of a canine country club than a park...You can also see that the owner of Jack rewarded his barking and excited state of mind, but petting him, which I could not believe.
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    The Wellington Welsh Corgi Walking Club has its monthly walks/socials and off-leash is absolutely encouraged unless a Corgi has a behavioural issue then the owner will leave him/her on-leash. In eight years there have been only two Corgis with any issues and in that time we have had hundreds of Corgis. People wont join our club if they know that their Corgi/s will present a problem.
    At the first national Corgi agility champs in 2010, Taylor was very briefly attacked by a badly behaved visiting Corgi but of course it has not made any difference to his demeanour as these things do not usually affect the nature of most dogs.
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    That person should either be banned from the group, or her dog has to wear a muzzle when there. They should have made her leave after the first attack. I hope that Raife gets over his fear.
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    I'm glad to see Jack's been banned. He needs a bit of socialization training. Be patient, Raife will come around. Gally's advice is sound and may help him. Good Luck and keep us posted. =)
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    Oh dear. Sorry to hear that he was attacked. I have spent the last few years trying to undo damage done by first one attack and then another. For my Dillon, no matter what I have tried, he is not reliable or predictable around other dogs anymore due to the emotional damage done by the attacks (there was no physical damage done in either attack.) the only kind of dog that he seems pretty comfortable around are other corgis, but I would not take him to a meet up with off leash dogs because of his unpredictable nature .

    I hope that you can counter condition him and get him to understand that other dogs are not a threat to him.

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    Our now deceased golden retriever was always getting attacked by dogs she met. It was troubling. She never got injured thankfully. I never understood it , but someone who knew a lot more about dogs at the time told me that because she wasn't well socialized with other dogs, they perceived her to be aggressive because she got over excited when she saw them.
    Not suggesting this is a problem for your baby though.
    I am sorry he got attacked :(
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    With any group of dogs one has to be careful with distributing affection and food and these are the two most common reasons for any disagreements/grievousness/ jealousy to erupt.
    It seems like in that very short video from Mynya that one of these two things was being plied.

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