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Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by Yuhool, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Yuhool

    Yuhool Junior Member

    Just had a little scare with Moogi~

    I gave him part of a carrot to chew on. Afterwards we went for a walk almost 2 hours after dinner.. He got pretty excited on the walk. Once we came home he didn't look so good and then suddenly threw up all of his previous dinner and pieces of carrot. I was surprised and before I could stop him, he ate about 3/4 of his barf... After that he calmed down and fell asleep...

    Was it the carrot? The walk? Combo?

    Is there anything i should do to help his stomach after he throws up? :back:


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  2. Louwants

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    Did you take him on the walk as soon as he got done eating? That could be the problem. They need to rest a few minutes after eating, before any exercise is done.

    So, feed him and then wait about half and hour before walking. Or walk him then let him eat.
  3. Yuhool

    Yuhool Junior Member

    We waited 2 hours after dinner to walk but I gave him the carrot probably 10 mins before walking~~ I used the carrot as a treat for the first time to put on his leash/harness... Usually I just use a piece of his dog food... But his teeth are coming in so I thought I would try a carrot... -.- oops

    I felt very sorry after he threw up~~
  4. Jinx

    Jinx Senior Member

    i give my dogs carrots as treats all the time, and they haven't had any issues.
  5. Gally

    Gally Senior Member

    Could have been a lot of things that caused it. If he's never had any veggies before his stomach might just not have recognized it as edible. Or it could have been the walk/food combo. Or just eating too much. Or maybe he picked up something he shouldn't have off the ground.

    So... lots of possibilities. We feed Gally baby carrots as treats and he does fine with eating a few now and then. I think he may have thrown some up when he was a pup.

    It's normal for dogs to re-eat their vomit but if you think there is something they shouldn't have eaten in the first place or they're sick you should definitely try to prevent it.

    Keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't vomit again or have any runny stools. But I suspect he'll be fine.
  6. Michael Romanos

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    Carrots are one of the two very best of veggies to give a dog. But with puppies as well as with adult Corgis I would not give large pieces of carrots that are not the baby type.. Either shredded or diced small. Fresh and raw is best and if you don't peel it then make sure it is well washed to get rid of any chemicals, dirt etc. If not raw then lightly boiled. I add carrot as a or part of supplements to my Corgi's meals about once a week.
    I do note that raw washed unpeeled BABY carrots are the best of all types of carrot to give a dog.

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  7. shedevil7953

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    What a dollbaby in his T shirt!
  8. Frodo's Mom

    Frodo's Mom Senior Member

    Frozen raw carrots are also great when their teeth are coming out when they are puppies.
  9. luvcorgis

    luvcorgis Senior Member

    Lucy gets a couple raw baby carrots as her "lunch". She loves them. I gave them to her as a puppy but cut the baby carrot into small pieces. That may be easier on a tiny tummy.

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