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    Hi, I was hoping there maybe someone out there who can help me out. I live in Southern California just out L.A. and we are looking to add a corgi to our family. Problem I am havening is finding a reputable breeder. I'm sure some of the ones I have contacted already are good, but I just can't be sure and not knowing makes this process even more difficult. I wanted to see if anyone has a recommendation to someone they trust or have heard good things about in the southern California area? I would like to find someone local so we can go visit and see the family and how they are kept.

    I would greatly appreciate any help.
  2. Michael Romanos

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    Good luck with your query as Americans seem not to want to specifically mention any breeder but refer you to the list of Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi breeders listed with the national USA organisations of those breeds or Corgi breeders who produce kennel association registered puppies as if these things are aligned as a referral when they don't constitute much assistance.

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    Congrats on adding to your family!:run: We live in Las Vegas and we got our dog, Zelda, from Poso Creek Corgis in Bakersfield. Kim was amazing and our dog Zelda is gorgeous. She is almost 8 months old now and she is almost full grown at 22 pounds. Kim was awesome with the whole process, but getting hold of her initially was a bit difficult (she has a job, not just breeding). Don't give up hope though, it's worth the wait! We did not have to wait on a waiting list and we got pick of 4 girls in a litter. Kim sent us pictures every week and was great answering all our questions. We paid her a $100 deposit to hold our puppy and the total was $1250. When we picked Zelda up, Kim gave us all packets of vaccine information, contract copies, and medicines (flea+tick and a stomach-calming medicine). Zelda came to us with a perfect tail dock, no dew claws, worm-free, and in great spirits! She has a wonderful personality. We definitely recommend Poso Creek! She breeds both tricolor and red&white pembrokes.
    This is Zelda a couple weeks ago:
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    Zelda is beautiful, very fit.

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