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  1. LaRogue

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    Coral-I saw your post about Gally having ribs for Christmas and I'm wondering about the bone. Does he eat the bone or do you take it away at some point? The market I buy meat at usually only carries restaurant or baby back pork ribs. I've thought about cutting one off, before I cook them, and giving one as a treat, but the bones seem small, sometimes sharp, and hard to me. Just curious about what you (and other RAW feeders) do.
  2. Gally

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    We feed pork short ribs, raw. He eats the bone no problem. It's great for cleaning teeth. The only bone we don't feed is weight bearing bones from large animals.

    If you want to feed a small piece for a treat make sure you feed a piece big enough that they can't swallow it whole. If its bigger they are forced to chew it a bit.

    There are a few diseases in pork that can be passed to dogs but these have been eliminated from domestic pigs in Canada and the US but are still a major issue in wild boar and in domestic pigs in some parts of Asia and Europe. Just something to be aware of. Some raw feeders still freeze all pork for a few week just to be sure.
  3. LaRogue

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    I've read about freezing it, but must have missed the part about it being frozen for weeks! Thanks, I appreciate the info! :)
  4. Gally

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    It's the same precaution suggested to take with any wild caught meat as well as salmonids from the pacific northwest. Just ensures any parasites are eliminated.
  5. Peggy

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    I have a friend who has whippets. She'd cut beef ribs apart and give them to her dogs, bones and all. I've heard of other raw feeders giving rib bones too.


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