Right amount of food for new puppy?

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    We just got our puppy Aston a few days ago and at first we were going to leave his food out all the time, since he was just grazing throughout the first day. But then I guess he got his appetite back and he was eating it all! So we decided to put him on a food schedule. He is only a young guy, 7 weeks old, (and yes I am aware people think this is too young so no need to post about that) and we are feeding him a little less than 1/4 of a cup at 8:30 am, 12:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 8:30 pm. He is quite a fast eater so I started breaking up his meal and giving him small amounts at a time till he eats the whole amount. The breeder also had him on kirkland adult food, as they claimed it had the same energy levels as the puppy found. We decided to switch him to Halo puppy food though, so we are currently mixing a little bit more each day to wean him off. The adult kibble is quite large so we are just adding some water to soften it up! Any thoughts and advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

    ps. of course I had to include some pictures!!

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    Food varies so much that it is almost impossible to be randomly accurate.

    Puppies should have multliple meals daily (3-6) consisting of apportioned meals so that the overall total for the day does not exceed a recommended amount.

    So a Corgi puppy of 8-15 weeks probably should be getting three quarters of a standard cup of dry or wet processed food per day ( the better the quality of the food the better for the puppy and the less amount required daily) with added 1/4 cup of supplements which are largely that of small pieces of appropriate veggies (fresh and raw is best). If feeding dry (kibble) food add a little warm water to the food in a dish, allow to soak in for several minutes. Puppies younger than 10 months should have their daily kibble softened a little to assist their sensitive digestive system. Always present fresh cold water, the purer the better in a clean water bowl. A couple of quality dog biscuits per day (not softened) would be a good inbetween meals snack.

    I would strongly recommend specific puppy designated food for Corgi puppies because unlike all-stages or adult or senior food, the puppy food is especially designed for the needs of puppies and the better quality puppy food should contain an emphasis of at least six ingredients that may be in all-stages food but not to the required or recommended levels.

    If a breeder lets a pup go at seven weeks then other aspects of what they tell you are questionable.

    Congrats on your adorable Aston - he looks in good condition weight wise. Don't let him become an overweight adult. Puppies should be a little on the chubby side then Corgis after the age of 10 months can be fined down with a more full-on daily exercise routine.

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