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Discussion in 'Stories' started by bajoiner, Nov 6, 2006.

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    Well we are back from the Smoky Mountains and I must say it was a great vacation. We stayed in a primitive campground (as we always do) and Sassy was in hog heaven. Michael you were right Sassy had a ball as we could let her run loose some and take walks off leash (although you were not supposed to) and all the new smells just kept her attention. We could not let her run loose as much as we wanted as the people next to us would bring their dog up at night which was an aggressive dog with other animals so Sassy was kept on leash or in the camper when that dog was there. It got pretty cold while we were there (it snowed once) and Sassy loved the cold weather. She saw a rabbit one morning early (I would try to walk Sassy early in the morning before others in the campground were up) and I was glad she was on the leash then as she REALLY wanted to chase that rabbit. She had a friend come over from another campground (a very small terrior dog) one day but Sassy was on the leash so the other dog stole Sassy's rawhide chew she had and took off for home. I actually missed this as I went down to tell the owner of the other dog where her dog was as I was worried she would get hit by a car or wonder off in the woods and there are bears in the area. My husband said Sassy just watched the dog take her chew and run. This was a good vacation that we all enjoyed and I wanted to share the good times. Sassy has been camping with us since she was 10 weeks old so she does not bark, but some people bring dogs that are not use to "quiet time" and they bark constantly. To me those are just not camping dogs. We simply tell Sassy "No barking" and she brings it down to a very low "wuff" or my husband says "that is not your inside voice and she will bring it down to a low "wuff", which cracks me up. Michael as you said, her nose never took a rest while we were gone with all the new smells in the area.
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  3. Fluffypants

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    WOW - that sounds like a wonderful trip! I am jealous!!! And I love the "inside voice" comments from hubby! :D
  4. turkeylegs

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    Corgis are the perfect camping dog. I am glad that you got to go this last weekend. It was so beautiful.
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    Oh, it sounds like Sassy had a blast! I would love to be able to take my two camping...they are lucky when they get to go over to my Dad's house and explore his yard. :rolleyes:
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    So glad you and your family enjoyed the camping holdiday in the wilderness.
    Another time you might 'trust' Sassy even more and let her chase that rabbit and play with the Terrier off-leash.
    It was so good that Sassy was able to be on the quiet side - not that I mind a bark or two - but constant barking and barking 'after hours' for no urgent reason, is not on.
    Reading about how you got on has inspired me to want to take my nine year old son, Narhan and Taylor on a three day campiing trip this summer at a place called Kaitoke where some of the scenes in The Lord of the Rings movies were filmed. There are some lovely bush walks - both long and short, delightful river and stream swimming and there is a country restaurant close by just in case one does not wish to cook dinner or lunch on one of the days.
    The campiing grounds in Kaitoke are real cheap but it does not have all the facilites such as showers and a kitchen with fridge etc, but there is a gas fired barbecue available for cooking. Have to get a loan of a tent and some basic equipment - something to keep things cold will be a necessity.
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    It was wonderful. The campground we stayed in has bathroom facilities, but no showers, electric, etc. We have a pop up camper with a refrigerator which runs on gas and a generator to charge the battery for heat so we were set. I would have let Sassy play with the terrier off leash but the aggressive dog next door was there so I was worried Sassy would wonder over that way. All in all it was great fun. A bit cold but that was right up Sassy's alley. We are planning another vacation for summer but not nearly as much fun as the campground is usually VERY crowded during the summer as children are out of school and Sassy will have to remain on the leash a lot more, we are looking for possibly a different campground even more secluded.

    I certainly hope you get to go with your son and Taylor and have a bunch of fun.
  8. bajoiner

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    T-Gal we go to Cataloochee campground which is very remote and the road in and out is everyones nightmare but my husband does not mind pulling our camper in and out. There are a lot of big motorhomes that come up there also. Yes we love the Smokys and have thought of buying a place there but we love our wooded area in Florida so we just vacation twice a year in the Smokys, usually summer and then when the leaves change. The color left very quickly this year as there was a cold front that came through and brought snow and very high winds. That was the end of the color.

    Fluffypants, my husband started that inside voice thing as a joke when Sassy was small but it has worked. She is sooo funny. She will lower the "wuff" to a whisper. Really quite entertaining is our Sassy.
  9. I loved reading about your trip, everyone should travel with their friend, and the "wuff" comments were really cute. Miss Gambler always has to get the last word in, so when corrected for barking, she rumbles a low "Wuff", she just has to be the last to speak.
  10. Fluffypants

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    Jackie does that too. Sometimes it sounds like we are having an actual conversation!!:)
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    That sounds like a lot of fun. We went to the smokey mountains 3 yrs ago and it was so amazing and beautiful, I would love to go back again some day with Dillon of course!
    And for the indoor voice, i have been working on training Dillon to "whisper" - he knows speak on command but whisper he is only about 50% accurate on that one...I love that little wuff...under their breath...way too cute..Dillon does it too when you tell him to shhhh and he brings the bark down to a whispered wuff..

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