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  1. Thi Vo

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm from Vietnam. I'm searching for a reputable breeder who will agree to export their Pembroke Corgi to Vietnam. It's really difficult to find one. I've tried to contact some breeders in US but they only agree to ship their puppies interstate not oversea.
    I don't mind waiting for a year or two for the litter.
    Do you guys know any breeders who will agree to export their puppy or adult corgi oversea to Vietnam ?

  2. Michael Romanos

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    You can send me an email requesting same but with more details about knowledge and personal situation and property aspects (fully fenced or not) and if all day care for a puppy and junior is possible. There are some breeders in New Zealand where I am who send Corgis to many parts of the world (as do some breeders in Australia, Canada and the USA).
    Whilst the USA has the most Pembroke Corgis in the world by far (more than the rest of the world added together), NZ has fewer and fewer breeders year by year and our Corgi (Pems and Cardigans) population is dwindling. On the rise in a minor way are Swedish Vallhunds who have a strong connection with Pems.
    My address is:
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  3. Thi Vo

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    Thank you. I'll send the detail to your email.

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