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  1. Katie Finlay

    Katie Finlay Senior Member

    What are your favorites? I rarely bathe my dogs, but when I do, I want them to smell nice. I usually just bring them to work with me (at an animal hospital) and use what we have there.

    But I'm looking for something to have at home. It would be nice to see your suggestions.

    Conan is currently in our cage dryer at work after getting bathed. He's not entirely pleased.
  2. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    Buddy Wash!!! AMAZING! Everyone (including my vet & staff) asked what I "did" :laughing: to Pip, when I started using it. I'm addicted to the scent of the green tea and bergamont, but they have at least one other (Lavender?) that is also very popular. Plus, natural ingredients. :)
  3. cc11782n

    cc11782n Senior Member

    I'm glad you posted about this! We were looking for good suggestions as well!

    Right now, we just got the Hartz/Harts (sp?) shampoo for puppies. Its available at Target and in the supermarket though, so if dog shampoo is anything like dog food, I have a sneaking suspicion it probably isn't the best we could be using. I wasn't sure if dog shampoo was like human shampoo though (all pretty much the same ingredients when you boil it down).
  4. Katie Finlay

    Katie Finlay Senior Member

    Thanks! I'll have to look into that!!

    I think there are shampoos that are better than others. I prefer the natural ones.
  5. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    Fortunately for us all, :grin: shampoo is no where close to being as controversial as dog food! :laughing:
  6. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    If you don't already have one, a Zoom Groom is excellent for baths. I am impatient with picking the hair out, but LOVE the results!
  7. cc11782n

    cc11782n Senior Member

    Rufus has only had a few baths since we've gotten him - short, quick ones to get him used to it. We haven't really gone full out scrubbing with the shampoo and tons of water yet. He's starting to shed a little more though, so I think we might have to look into the Zoom Groom.
  8. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    Rufus is puppy shedding...the fun hasn't started yet. ;)
  9. cc11782n

    cc11782n Senior Member

    Haha ohh I am well aware of that!! Our black shirts are just starting to look a tad bit like furballs. I can't imagine when he's "full-grown" and we get to the first coat blow!! Is it sad that I'm kind-of excited to see it happen though? Haha!
  10. Katie Finlay

    Katie Finlay Senior Member

    Is the Zoom Groom like a Furminator?

    Puppy shedding? Pfft, just WAIT for the huge tufts of fur you'll be able to pull out :D
  11. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    Zoom groom is just rubber , nothing like the furminator. I use it for baths to loosen up the dirt and get out dead hair a bit ..

    My favorite shampoo is the buddy wash tea and bergamot- my dogs smell like a delicous cup of earl grey tea. Best smell.. and does a good job of cleaning them without over conditioning.

    I have used bio groom bronze lustre in the past and it works great for bringing out the red in the red and whites.. but the smell is just mehh.. not great.

  12. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    No. It's basically a rubber comb you use during baths and it gets MASSIVE amounts of dead/loose hair out, while kind of giving a massage. You do have to pull the hair out of the teeth, since it "clogs up" fast...which I find very annoying, :blush: but well worth the effort.

    You can probably find it for less (I think I paid $7), but this is a good pic, showing the teeth KONG Zoom Groom Brush at PETCO

    TropiClean Awapuhi is anopther natural ingredient shampoo I use, but like Emilie mentioned, the smell is not as good as Buddy Wash.
  13. Katie Finlay

    Katie Finlay Senior Member

    What doesn't clog up with Corgi hair?! I need to get one of these. The boy is a fluffy mess. My Shepherd doesn't even shed half as much. Conan ran around outside after I brushed him today and you could just see a trail of hair floating behind him wherever he went.
  14. Katie Finlay

    Katie Finlay Senior Member

    Ah! Not only is the Zoom Groom useful, it's CUTE! Items that are useful AND cute are generally a must have.
  15. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    I'm thinking not much. Nothing and no where is safe. :laughing: This weekend I cleaned the corgi hair off my ceiling fan blades for the second time this winter and the fans have not even been turned on since the last cleaning. :laughing: Invisible hair must be floating around and sticking to them because of the angled edges, I guess. :laughing:
  16. Westwood

    Westwood Senior Member

    I might have to try that zoom groom!
  17. JJ Panda

    JJ Panda Member

    I use the Kong Zoom Groom. It is the best. I purchased 3 last year, kept one and sent them to my sister and niece for their dogs. I use it after baths and all the time to massage and shed. The dogs wait in line on the deck to get their massage (some are pushier than others). Will try the Buddy Wash.
  18. Marje

    Marje Senior Member

    Lavender BUDDY WASH!!!!!! They have a conditioning spray too- we use that in between as well as after her bath - it makes her fluff so soft :)
  19. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    My favorite is Pet Silk Rosemary Mint. It does a great job and smells wonderful!!

    I've also used Ring 5, Coat Handler and Chris Christensen products with good success.

    You can find these on line. Usually not carried in the local stores. I buy mine at dogs shows from vendors there.

  20. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Dog shampoos are like dog food - there are poor quality shampoos on the market (no better than soap), there are middling ones, good ones and there are great ones. The ones at the top end of the scale are the ones that won't adversely affect the skin or coat of a dog if used more regularly than normal - and I suppose a normal shampooing of a dog is once every three months. I think the herbal shampoos are really finding a strong footing on the market. Some shampoos have a lingering scent and a kind of natural garden/flower scent. Medication shampoos are not in demand these days thank goodness because other measures are taken to treat an affected dog.

    For Taylor I have been using the Saint Francis Natural Pet Care brand and in particular at present their lavendar and rosemary (aroma care) shampoo which is suitable for cats and dogs and is billed as relaxing and soothing - well Taylor does get into a relaxed state after his unwillingness to enter the bathroom. The shampoo is not particularly expensive but is used by professional groomers and is made in Australia.

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