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    I was at Pet Lover's Centre and tried looking for Buddy Wash. They don't sell it there but it sounds like a shampoo I would use when Chubby's here :)
  3. aneurysm

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    Yup I looked at PLC too and did not find Buddy wash there. What they do have is isles of dogs and pet head. Anyone had any experience with these?
  4. TheChubbyOne

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    Yeah, sian. I also looked at Bukit Timah Plaza but they don't have it there too. I think I might try looking at Polypet, they have alot of stuff there.
  5. TheChubbyOne

    TheChubbyOne Senior Member

    Is Pet Hedz good? I've heard from my sister that they also produce human shampoo :p
  6. TheChubbyOne

    TheChubbyOne Senior Member

    Isle of dogs looks good too :)
  7. LaRogue

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    Buddy Wash is only sold in one store (Petco) where I live and they don't always have it in stock, so sometimes I order it online. Not sure if that is practical for you guys...

    I did a quick check and found an online Singapore pet supplier that lists it.

    KOHE PETS : Pet Furniture + Grooming + Accessories

    Their website says they are a warehouse (no walk in store), but maybe you can give give them a call to see if they sell Buddy Wash to any local stores near you?

    Other than ordering it, I'd suggest trying a product locally available for you.
  8. TheChubbyOne

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    Thank you for checking! :D

    I don't really like ordering things that can expire online. Only thing I've ordered online were yoyos from the US.

    I'll have to try something locally available at stores. Hoping to get some opinions on Isle of Dogs everyday shampoo and Earthbath mango tango/orange. :)
  9. LaRogue

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    I don't know that shampoo expires. Mine do not have expiration dates. Earthbath is sold here, in the US, so maybe someone has used it and can comment. Mang tango/orange sounds good!!! As with most things, it is trial and error of what you like and what works for you. I'm sure you will find shampoo you'll be happy with!
  10. TheChubbyOne

    TheChubbyOne Senior Member

    Thanks :D I'll try both then.
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    Hey, Does anyone know where can I can "Buddy Wash"? I'm from canada(vancouver)..i kno theres online
  12. BarneyCorgi

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    I want to offer my puppy the best within the budget I have. And we bought him Oster Animal Care Oatmeal Naturals puppy shampoo from Walmart.
    My husband was of the opinion that all shampoos were the same. But I use an all herbal shampoo on my own hair that is sulfate and paraben free because I feel it is better for me so why would I use one on my dog? So we bought this one because after checking the ingredients it seemed to be a good sulfate/paraben-free choice. My husband wants a shampoo that "smells good" but those smells are mainly all chemical additions anyway. I'd rather him be clean and have a neutral smell than him smell like a fruit basket. lol! But to each his own choice of course.
  13. Michael Romanos

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    Shampoos for dogs are most certainly "not all the same". Dogs should not be subjected to harsh shampoos and there are shampoos for different types of coats and for skin variations such as dogs with dry skin and dogs with oily skin. Then there are the specifically medicated shampoos for dogs with flea mite and tic problems.

    For the last several years Taylor has been getting an Australian-produced St Francis Natural Aroma Care Shampoo which contains lavendar and rosemary. It is mild and gentle, relaxing and soothing and leaves a very pleasant long lasting fragrance and a quick coat restore.

    This shampoo is not expensive (around $15) and because Taylor gets no more than two-three shampoo baths per year, one 375 ml bottle lasts around three years.

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