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  1. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    I hope you don't mind me moving this as IMO, it's not really an article, it's a thread or question.

    How old is she? Has she had puppies?

    It doesn't sound like anything but a prolonged blow. Sometimes that happens. I've got one girl here who lost every stitch of undercoat and looked pretty bad for awhile. She's just now starting to get her coat back and look like a normal corgi and not a naked dog!

    Yes, a picture would help.

    The neck area, is that where you put the Advantix? Could be she's having a reaction to it in that area.


    SARATARA Member

    Talula is also still shedding as well. Peggy how long does the blowing coat usually last?
  3. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    Depends on a lot of things. I've got one that started in June that's still blowing. Less now but still a tuft here and there.

    My Kelsey is coming back into coat. It's taken her about 6 - 8 weeks total to blow and start to come back in.

  4. Toby23

    Toby23 Junior Member

    I am interested in when do they shed. My new corgi sheds a lot but I am not sure if he is changing his coat or is this is normal. I have him only 1 week now and there is here everywhere. I was thinking to get him groomed. Will this help? Any ideas at all.

  5. glencorgi

    glencorgi Senior Member

    Only twice a year, January thru June and then July thru December. ;)

    Ok, I'll be serious now. Usually there are two major seasonal blows/sheds - that's when the undercoat and all comes out. Year round there will be loss of guard hairs - like we humans loose hair all the time too.

    Hair everywhere? Welcome to life with a corgi. In Toby's case you've likely got a combination of things going on.
    1) age, final puppy coat coming out and the adult coat coming in.
    2) dietary change can contribute to shedding
    3) stress (being in a new home) can contribute to shedding
    4) season change
    5) if he was recently neutered, anesthesia can contribute to shedding

    A good grooming will help get things in check, no shaving though - you still have the fur, just in a more annoying way.

  6. Corgis4me

    Corgis4me Senior Member

    I agree a good grooming will help to some degree. I have red furniture(not a good choice) and vacuum it frequently. I also have 3 cats, but my Corgi keeps up quite nicely with them in regards to distribution of hair. Its always around.
  7. Candy

    Candy Member

    I'm glad this thread was commented on, I was just about to ask about when corgis tend to blow their coat. :)

    When Gimli's guard hairs fall out, they have black and red on them. Black at the roots and red about half way up the shaft to the tip. (I think he needs his roots done!) Am I correct that this is his puppy coat disappearing and his adult coat appearing? He'll be 9 months old next week.
  8. glencorgi

    glencorgi Senior Member

    Sounds like it is the puppy to adult transition.

    Most red corgis, of both breeds, are actually genetic sables meaning they do have some black mixed in with the red.

  9. Candy

    Candy Member

    Cool, thanks Debbie!
  10. Toby23

    Toby23 Junior Member

    Thank you guys so there is nothing I can do about the constant hair all over the place? Is there treatment they can get. I would hate to give him up. My son seems to be allergic to his hair or fur. Please help.
  11. Corgis4me

    Corgis4me Senior Member

    I personally can't think of any way to stop a Corgi from shedding. My daughter had a friend who has allergies and when she held our cat she broke out in red blotches like you mentioned in another thread, that your son has been doing. since Toby has been there. I'm not sure what to tell you but he may not be able to handle being around Toby.
  12. glencorgi

    glencorgi Senior Member

    Most allergies are really to the dander and potentially the saliva, not really the fur.

    Corgis are double coated breeds and unfortunately, prolific shedders. The best one can do to minimize (to a degree at least) shedding is feed a high quality diet, do regular routine brushing/combing (daily possibly with your son's reaction so far) and bathe monthly.

    As I mentioned earlier, Toby might a bit worse at the moment because of the things I listed earlier. There is a product called Shed Stop with a picture of what else but a corgi on it. ;) It is basically supplemental oils, will add calories and cause some weight gain if one doesn't adjust the amount of food. At best, reported results have been mixed.

    Hoping this will help.

  13. DarkSephiroth

    DarkSephiroth Senior Member

    Speaking of Shedding, it's been around 95 degrees for the past few days. Corgi came to my bed, and sat on me for a bit.. and then I noticed my whole body was COVERED in Dog fur! Since summer is coming around, it's time for the Shedding!
  14. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    Your guy is a bit late. Mine have blown their coats already. Also, right now age has a lot to do with Corgi shedding. He's going to blow his puppy coat and get an adult coat. And the puppy blow is usually a bad one... Get your vacuum out!

  15. DarkSephiroth

    DarkSephiroth Senior Member

    Corgi is a year and 10 months old, does he really still have a puppy coat?

    Does the shedding start when it gets hot outside? It was extremely cold up until a week ago, and it suddenly god ridiculously hot.
  16. Booski59

    Booski59 Senior Member

    Leo has been shedding more than usual this past week. He always sheds probably from living inside and out (I think his body doesn't know what season it is). He did get a nice thick coat for our cold winter. I think now is when he is blowing his winter coat. I brush him daily (even though it is a fight, but getting easier all the time). I have become good friends with my vacuum, LOL. Randy gets combed too, but so far he just has regular puppy fuzz.
  17. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    Well that clears that up. I read somewhere that he was 9 mos. old. So thought he was still a puppy.

    No, he doesn't have a puppy coat any longer.

    Nope, it's not the temps., especially for dogs that are mostly indoors. The amount of daylight has an effect and to a greater extent genetics.

    Shoot, many of mine blew their coats this past Jan/Feb and it was COLD here. Like in the 20's. (F)

    Intact females blow their coats about four months after being in season. Doesn't matter what the time of year is or the temps. Four months after being in season is about the same time they'd be weaning puppies if they'd been bred.

    Males and altered dogs blow when Mother Nature tells them to.

  18. DarkSephiroth

    DarkSephiroth Senior Member

    Corgi seems to shed about 4-5 times more than Buster. I know every dog sheds differently, but why is there such a large discrepancy between the two?
  19. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    that is actually very interesting... i have always thought that the shedding was triggered by temperatures... and then always wondered why my two would blow coat at the " wrong time" of year LOL! It never occurred to me that it had nothing to do with hot or cold weather. Infact i see that the coat seems to be growing thickest in the summer and starts to really blow sometime in the fall... which just seems wrong... wouldn't you want to have a thicker coat in winter here in New England?

    Alex, Buster is still a puppy... he wont be really blowing his coat for a while yet. When i first got Dillon, i thought, gee, why did everyone keep mentioning the shedding? he isn't bad at all... I kept on saying that until he turned around 1 yr old... then i understood when all my rugs were COVERED in corgi hair... i kept brushing him daily and wondering if i was pulling all this hair off the dog by brushing and still have a ton on the rug that i would vacuume a few times a week... why is he not yet bald?? LOL

    Just you wait... Buster will shed a lot more once he is past his puppy stage...

  20. Toby23

    Toby23 Junior Member

    So this shedding thing is all year round. Toby is 8 months and i have to tell you he can not come and jump on me without leaving a lot of hair. Is this his puppy coat shedding? How long does it last? Is there anytime during the year that he will not shed? When he becomes older like 4 years does the shedding decreases? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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