Should Pembroke Corgis be tail-less?

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    The short answer is NO.

    A dog's tail is IMPORTANT AND BASIC.

    Before giving the reasons why, lets delve into a little history about Corgis without going back to the beginnings.

    The Welsh Corgi are British breeds of dogs. In 1932-33 the Kennel Club ( Great Britain)) decided to separate the showing of Cardigan and Pembroke Corgis into two breeds and they advised Corgi breeders, Kennel Club members and Corgi owners/handlers that they could register their Corgis as either Cardigan or Pembroke according to their appearance. Shortly after this it became established that to further distinguish the two breeds Pembrokes would either continue to have their tails docked or have their tails docked and there were a few of the Pembroke -looking Corgis who were born bob tailed.

    Over the years since the 1930s, Pems and Cardis have evolved with more quite distinctive features so tails or no tails need not be of any concern in this regard.

    So come today and we now have around 36 countries who ban the docking of the tails of Pembroke Corgis - including Wales and the rest of Great Britain .

    In New Zealand docking is still permitted BUT this will change in the near future AND the only docking method allowed is the banding of the tails at aged three day old so that the tail withers away. This is in contrast to the USA and other countries where the tails are usually cut - surgically or otherwise.

    And just what is the Pembroke Corgi missing with a docked tail:

    1/ Balance. A tail helps a dog balance better which gives advantages in running, fast walking/movement and in treading through and on narrow or slippery objects.

    2/ Rudder. A tail gives a dog a "rudder' when swimming so as it helps a dog swim better and more upright and quicker in directional turning.

    3/ Communication. A tail is one of a dog's greatest communicating assets. It can tell and relay to other dogs and animals and to us humans how a dog is feeling or reacting and it helps as an outlet (valve-like) for a dog to show pleasure

    4/ A tail can be used as a tool eg for swishing away flies, bugs etc.

    There is nothing unattractive about a Pembroke Corgi's tail. They are not as beautiful as a Cardi's which is German Shepherd-like but some Pems tails vary in length, some are more inclined to curl a little when the Corgi is not relaxed.
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