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Discussion in 'Grooming & Care' started by Foxy_Corgi, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Foxy_Corgi

    Foxy_Corgi Junior Member

    Every time i go walk my dog outside and come back home she smells like egg LOL i dont know why she only rolls around the grass and dirty sometimes. I always seem to want to bathe her every time i come back from a walk but i know its not good to do that. I dont know if anyone else has this problem and how to take care of it its a bit embarrassing when people try to pet her and they smell the scent of eggs coming from her fur. I dont know if its the dog food im giving her or shes just like that.:chase:
  2. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    I would bet , if she is not rolling in something stinky while you are on your walks, that it is the food you are feeding her. I know mine tend to smell stronger ( not bad) when they get warm after exercise... mosty it's their feet... but for the whole body and fur to smell, i would think it has to do with something you are feeding that just metabolizes strangely in her body and makes her smell..
    What are you feeding? I would think you might want to give another food a try ( try to pick one that is a different protein source and if the food you are feeding has wheat and corn in it, pick one that doesnt contain those) and see if that changes her smell. It might. I notice my dogs have slightly different smells depending on what they happen to be eating. when they eat a lot of fish, they have a very ever so slightly fresh ocean fish smell..

  3. CT Corgi

    CT Corgi Senior Member

    Dragon found a dead squirrel in the woods last week and proceeded to apply some "natural corgi enhancement" to his freshly bathed coat before I could stop him. I would have been grateful if he just smelled like eggs! Two baths in one day - now THAT was fun!

    Even if you can't see it, if she's rolling in grass there is some scent there she is trying to pick up. Does she sort of push the side of her head along the ground? That is a tell-tale sign. Other than that, it's something she's eating. Does she eat any flowers/plants from your garden? Some dogs like garlic and that can certainly cause both dogs and people to smell. Maybe she found a patch of wild garlic? When you say "smells like eggs" do you mean rotten eggs? That would mean hydrogen sulfide gas - ingesting sulfer would cause this. Do you feed her eggs? Egg yoke contains sulfer (hence the strong smell as they go bad).
  4. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    Dog food would be on my list of suspects, too. Pip ate one puppy food that gave him HORRIBLE B. O. When I switched him to a better brand of food, it magically disappeared. Corgis are pretty much odorless, so my guess is something is definitely up.

    Pip is another one who feels the need to "enhance" his scent by rolling in dead, rotting things. :lol:
  5. CorGeek

    CorGeek Senior Member

    I had Oliver on a good brand that was fish based for exactly one day. Oh the smell...
  6. Foxy_Corgi

    Foxy_Corgi Junior Member

    I feed my foxy IAMS smart puppy proactive health its in a orange bag. I was going to feed her puppy chow when i got her but her breeder suggested IAMS to me. I guess ill try to change her brand of food to another one. Any suggestion on which brand is good?
  7. Foxy_Corgi

    Foxy_Corgi Junior Member

    No not rotten just the normal egg smell like when you crack one open and smell it just like that. I dont feed her eggs i never had but my husband i have caught him feeding her our food when im not looking in order for her to stop barking at us while where eating maybe thats a reason too. Im not sure but ill take the advice and switch to another dog food and see if that helps.
  8. Westwood

    Westwood Senior Member

    If you can afford the additional cost I would look for something that doesn't contain corn or by-products in it. Wellness and Blue Buffalo are pretty well liked from what I've heard and readily available at places like Petco. I feed Fromms but it's not that easy to find sometimes.
  9. wuzzup

    wuzzup Senior Member

    I agree that diet is most important in affecting not just what they smell like, but what they scavenge (or lick) during walks in the neighborhood, too. I find that the best indicator of diet is gum health and plaque build-up around the rear incisors. With the proper diet and sufficient exercise, the gums should be bright pink and the teeth white (not yellow). Just as in people, gum and teeth quality are excellent indicators of health (or lack of).

    My previous pems liked to roll in dead things (feces and pelicans, seagulls washed up to shore). My first thought was diet. But, once I stopped using flea treatments and shampoos, this new batch of pems don't crap-roll very often, anymore. Remember that a dog's sense of smell is 200 times greater than humans. What smells great to you just might be maddening to them. Water has no smell.

    PS: Something to think about...

    Is it necessary to "express anal glands"? Is it necessary to clean your dogs teeth, regularly? Is it necessary to bathe your dogs? Is it normal for your dogs stools to be runny/mushy or that your dog vomit, often? Are ear-mites a normal cost of doing corgi business? Is spinal myelopathy or hip displasia entirely genetic and unavoidable? If you say, "yeah", keep doing what you're doing because no one is gonna stop you from doing what you believe. If you say, "Well, maybe....???", just realize that the immune system of animals (and people) are designed to defend the body against destructive/harmful bacterial flora and that, many times, smells, rashes, plaque build-up, mites, etc...might be indicators that we are cultivating "critters" that aren't suppose to be growing. Corgis are very, very, very, very sensitive to stress and improper diet. Oh, did I forget to say, "very". They are very sensitive. Oh well, they are also the hardiest of animals and they'll deal with whatever their owners dish out. Is this any surprise?..

    Look around...Isn't that pretty much what we do to ourselves?

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