Strange/Rude Things You Hear While Walking Your Corgi(s)?

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Cheetah, May 13, 2012.

  1. Cheetah

    Cheetah Global Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    While out walking Shippo with my boyfriend's sister and her dog, the guy on the corner was out on his front lawn, and was clearly drunk. "Out walkin' the puppies, huh?" He slurred at us. We smiled and replied, "Yup." He was like "That sucks."

    ... what the... O=

    Wasn't expecting that response at all LOL. I just replied with "That's alright, we like to go walking." and walked on as briskly as possible. It may have taken me a few extra seconds to respond, because I was so shocked someone would say that to some people who are clearly out enjoying their walk. Sigh... oh, those drunks... >u.u;<

    Anyone else heard any offensive, crazy, or unexpected things while out walking with your corgi(s)?
  2. betsyjp

    betsyjp Member

    This wasn't really offensive or crazy...just kind of funny. I had our 4 mo old Cardigan puppy at Petsmart for Puppy Obedience Classes. We were doing some "work" walking down the aisles. I rounded one aisle with puppy Wystan and some customer met us...looked down at my beautiful Cardigan puppy...and said quietly..."Um...what happened to his legs?" I think the customer thought he was supposed to be an Australian Shepherd!! I proudly educated that confused customer about hardy and short Corgis!
  3. Gally

    Gally Senior Member

    "What a cute chihuahua!"
  4. Westwood

    Westwood Senior Member

    When Henry was a puppy we got the chihuahua comment too. I don't get the similarity lol. And when we first walked Henry over to my parent's house, my mom's first words were "but he's deformed!" Sigh.
  5. kimkg

    kimkg Member

    Nearly every time I walk him in public, I get LOTS of compliments from people about him. People seem to really like corgis in this area. It's really rare for me to hear something negative. Here's the negative i've heard though: He's a little chubby (was overfed for a week by dogsitter). HIs legs are so stubby! He's got no tail! He has bad breath.
  6. JJ Panda

    JJ Panda Member

    I once had a girl working at a drive-thru call everyone working to the window to see my cardi sitting in the front seat. She could not see his front legs from her viewpoint. She forgot to turn her microphone off and I could here her yelling "Come over here and see this dog. This dog ain't got no legs!" When she saw him move she was so relieved she was almost crying. We have been laughing about it for years. ;)
  7. Katie Finlay

    Katie Finlay Senior Member

    I get a lot of comments on Conan because he's sable. My favorite conversation was this:

    Guy: is that a corgi?
    Me: yep
    Guy: but he's a mix right? With german shepherd?
    Me: nope, he's pure. Just sable.
    Guy: are you sure?
    Me: positive.
    Guy: no, he's not pure.
    Me: throws arms up and walks away

    Really? REALLY?! You know more about MY dog's genetics than I do? And you're going to argue with me about it? If you have your mind made up, wrong or not, DON'T ASK ME.
  8. Cheetah

    Cheetah Global Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    LOL I've had a couple people try to argue with me over whether or not Shippo is a purebred corgi. He HAS to be a sheltie mix. There's no way that long-haired corgis exist. I'm usually able to end it with "I have his papers at home and both his parents are purebred champions, he's not a mix."
  9. Katie Finlay

    Katie Finlay Senior Member

    Exactly! I'm like I met the parents, I saw all the other dogs on the property in case those two corgis weren't his real parents and his papers are fake.

    So annoying, lol
  10. Cardiguy

    Cardiguy Senior Member

    At the dog park, a person commented "that must be a mix of a lot of dogs". I didn't take it as offensive, just someone not familiar with corgis. I proudly told the person that Ruby is a purebred cardigan welsh corgi, and the cardigan is one of the oldest breeds of dogs----"oh" was the response.
  11. LaRogue

    LaRogue Senior Member

    One neighbor guy was absolutely convinced my corgi puppy was some sort of bat... Even after I expalined (and showed) he was a puppy and just had big ears, he remained genuinely afraid, kept telling me "it" was deformed and to keep "it' away from him and his cocker spaniel puppy. :lol:
  12. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    I had a little girl say " ohhh mommy look at the BUNNY!"

    Another one was " what a cute YORKIE" yorkie? yikes, not even close LOL!

    I was onced asked if he was a daschund.... and of course, one time i was asked what kind of mixed breed dog he was..

    I have heard the " where are his legs?" type comments a lot..

    The one I have heard a ton is "oh look, it's the queen's dogs" i usually laugh smile and say something like " nope, these are mine !"

    The only other comments that were made were specifically towards Gus when he was at his worst with his dermatomyositis, when he had lost so much hair on his face and the skin was black colored and some open wounds... people would ask what was wrong with him.. " was he burned" "did he get attacked by something?" "is that paint on his face" - the worst was " looks like he lost the fight"... I didn't appreciate that at all..

  13. Cheetah

    Cheetah Global Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    OMG, I thought I was the only one LOL! Shippo was mistaken for a Yorkie once, and I was thinking "How the heck do you see that?!"
  14. Gally

    Gally Senior Member

    Haha yeah besides chihuaha we have also gotten dachshund, yorkie, pomeranian, rabbit, fox...

    People are usually very nice though.
  15. tseiler

    tseiler Senior Member

    Everyone is very taken with Wotan when we're out walking, but no one knows what he is.

    I get the "What mix is that?" a lot.

    I was walking Scout PWC at Colonial Williamsburg once and a little boy pointed at him and said with great authority, "Now THAT is a dachsund."

    A guy at my gym told me he would be mad if he was Wotan with the short legs. I just looked at him and said, "Does he look mad to you?"
  16. Autumn Renee

    Autumn Renee Banned

    A few weeks ago i took Baxter over to a friends house and this is how that conversation went....

    Her: awww hes so cute, i know hes a dachshund mix but what else is he mixed with?
    Me: Actually hes a pure bred, hes a Pembroke Welsh Corgi :D, no dachshund in the lines what so ever...
    Her: dont say?....well hes cute
    Me: Thanks :)
    Her: now, Hes a what again? :/
    Me: *sigh*

  17. kimkg

    kimkg Member

    I grew up in that area, and yeah, there are almost no corgis. It's so hot, poor Morty would melt!
  18. Spitfire IX

    Spitfire IX Senior Member

    Sometimes, when we round a corner at the end of a block, there's a kid who always says "look- a weenie dog!". We just walk on and ignore him. Most people who comment on Riley know he is a corgi. Sometimes drivers will yell out as they drive by "love your corgi!". Of course, I've also had people ask "now..he's a mix of...?".

    I remember when we had Molly at the oncologist's office. Another person waiting with their pet incredulously asked "does that dog not have a tail?!"

  19. wink568

    wink568 Member

    Not rude, but strange/funny... I posted a picture of Ein on facebook, and my aunt commented saying she can't wait for us to bring him to visit so she can meet him and smell him.

    I guess I can see where she's coming from, because I do love his puppy smell. :)
  20. agilecorgis

    agilecorgis Member

    I dont get a whole lot of comments about my RH tri and my R/W but jaaxon being a BHT...I hear "Is that a husky mix" A LOT. I actually had a woman argue with me about my dog and what breed he was LOL I finally said ma'am I think I know my dogs pedigree better than you do.

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