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Discussion in 'Rainbow Bridge' started by Summer, May 3, 2014.

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    Summer was banned for 6 months from GoCorgi for daring the wrath of the gods...during that time, she passed.

    She had cancer on her spleen which, when discovered, was already spreading to the liver.
    She is missed every day, even now with 2 new Corgi's to keep us busy.

    The day she passed, we went to watch the sunset at the beach/causeway. As the sun was going down, we happened to turn and saw a double rainbow to the east. Summer let us know she made it over the rainbow bridge on those short little legs. View attachment 8658

    Sweet Summer, you are always in our thoughts and in our hearts.

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  2. Louwants

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    What a beautiful sign that she made it to the Rainbow Bridge.
  3. wuzzup

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    Sorry for your loss. If it's any consolation, there are so many of us that can empathize how you feel at this moment. I think the reason we develop such strong emotional bonds with our "friends" is because we know, the clock ticks and time is of the essence. Plus, a healthy, happy corgi leads such a courageous, fearless & spectacular existence. There is too much we can learn from them...
  4. Cardiguy

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    Sorry for your loss and treasure those memories of Summer. Hopefully Summer is at the Rainbow Bridge running free and waiting......

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