Switching a puppy from kibble to raw; Frozen raw

Discussion in 'BARF' started by cherp, Jul 9, 2013.

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    Well, whether you approve or not there are people who feed raw food. Lots of them and their dogs are happy and healthy. By the way the raw food I bought for Blaze yesterday, I got at a vet clinic. Raw is an appropriate food. It's a choice made by the owners.

    I said "some of us think raw bones do a better job", it's an opinion just like yours and just as valid as yours.

    People with common sense see through your opinions and are forming their own. As you've seen recently by the posts on this forum.

    KNOCK IT OFF MICHAEL!!!!!! If you can't talk to me with respect, don't talk to me at all. I'm tired of being your whipping post.

    RAW bones CAN be a source of meat, IF They have meat left on them. I prefer they do. But they don't always. Some raw bones have been scraped pretty clean of meat. Cooked bones rarely have meat on them. Don't know where you buy yours, but that's the reality here. They won't sell cooked bones with meat on them because that would need refrigeration. Raw bones are bought from meat stores or from places that keep them frozen (like the vet where I got the raw food, she also sells raw bones and turkey necks).


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