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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Fluffypants, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Fluffypants

    Fluffypants Senior Member

    Hi everyone,
    I got this recipe from one of Jackie's dogster pals. She loves it, and so do the other dogs in our neighborhood, so I am passing it along as a healthy summer treat . . .

    1) Melt one cup of peanut butter in the microwave (1 minute should be enough).
    2) Mix in 32oz. of plain yogurt and (optional) 1-2 TBSP honey.
    3) Pour into plastic cups (or muffin pan) and freeze.

  2. corgimom

    corgimom Senior Member

    Thank you fluffypants; as you know Cody already tried this, per your suggestion and he loves them. I actually froze them in those plastic applesauce containers(the ones that you would put into a school lunch); I had saved these and just washed them out, and they work nicely

  3. lricch565

    lricch565 Senior Member

    Thanks for the recipe!

    I have been freezing tasty morsels into Mazie's "Kong" - she espcially likes a smashed banana mixed with a little wheat germ. The humidity in Ohio is starting to climb, so a nice "Kong-sicle" in the afternoon really hits the spot.

  4. CorgiMum

    CorgiMum Senior Member

    Thanks fot the recipe, my two love both of those ingredients!

    We are having a heatwave and I freeze something in each of their Kongs everyday. Lately I've been using up the small cars of fruit & veg baby foods that I bought for Dylan's post op. They love them and one jar (25 cents) more than fills both Kongs, and is easy to pour.
  5. tandemgal

    tandemgal Senior Member

    Am I the only one thinking forget the dogs - I want one of those peanutbuter things ! LOL
  6. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Those are all really good and tasty ingredients for a Corgi and together they represents a dog treat.
    The editor of a Corgi club newsletter in New Zealand placed in the last edition three recipes for Corgis and one of them included a half cup of raisins. So I wrote a letter to the editor pointing out that raisins are not a dog's best friend. Interesting to see if the lady editor will ever publish my letter and therefore retract on the recipe she had proffered.
  7. CorgiMum

    CorgiMum Senior Member

    I certainly hope that she 'adjusts' that recipe for dogs. Didn't realize that they were bad for them until just a few years ago. I don't know if they are a negative or not, but I don't share my grapes either.
  8. jprechel

    jprechel Senior Member

    The recipe sounds yummy! We can't wait to make them! We are heading down to the beach for the fourth of July so we'll have to make them down there for a really cool treat!! Thanks.
  9. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Barbara - yes grapes are just as toxic as would be sultanas.
  10. Fluffypants

    Fluffypants Senior Member

    I'm so glad I shared (thanks Linda!)!
    And I had never even tought of freezing stuff in her Kongs before - what a GREAT idea!!!!! :)
  11. corgimom

    corgimom Senior Member

    Yes, frozen yogurt in kongs is great - keeps them occupied for awhile when you are trying to get something done.

  12. ChloeLouise

    ChloeLouise Senior Member

    Here is a simple idea for a cool treat:
    Dilute a can of beef or chicken broth (low sodium) with a half can of water. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Chloe LOVES ice cubes anyway and these "meaty tasting" ones are quite a hit with her! (Be sure your family knows about these doggie cubes, otherwise someone will be VERY surprised if they end up in lemonade or gin and tonic!!)
  13. corgimom

    corgimom Senior Member

    That sounds like a good recipe. Thanks.

  14. Fluffypants

    Fluffypants Senior Member

    Those broth cubes sound like a great idea Margo! Jackie loves ice too, so I'm going to try those!:D
  15. corgimom

    corgimom Senior Member

  16. CorgiMum

    CorgiMum Senior Member

    Thank you for sharing those links, lots of great treat recipes.

    I really should bake something for my dogs, I haven't in a while. Mostly been relying on the dehydrated apple and banana slices I do up evey couple of weeks.
  17. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    This thread is very useful because it gives some alternatives to the kind of mundane food some people give their Corgis. Taylor and I visited a school today ( it was a paid job) for an hour session and more than half the 30-odd students had a family dog at their home. So I told the kids to pass it on to their parents to feed their dogs tasty and interesting meals - and get away from boring dry food (kibble) only meals. I told them about the Corgi Cake and they all seemed to want some of that - for themselves.

    One question I asked the kids was which are considered the three top animals in the world. A whole lot of kids put their hands up. The first said CATS. Wrong. The next said RABBITS. Wrong. The next said DOGS. That was No1. The next said fish and the next said birds and the next said cows. So I gave up and gave them the rest - dolphins and tigers.
  18. corgimom

    corgimom Senior Member

    Michael, I just do not think you like cats. I think you need to get two male kittens and you would enjoy them greatly when you would see how they play together and how entertaining they can be. Two male kittens develop more of a bond to each other versus 2 female or a male and a female. Just think, when you would spend your time on GoCorgi, they would probably be up on your lap keeping you company - I am not sure how Taylor would like that.

    My husband and I did not like cats, until about 13 years ago, when we moved into a new area and this neighborhood cat, owned by a nice family, would frequently make visits to our house in the evening. We would let her in and she would sit on our laps and spend some time at our house until she let us know it was time to go - we decided at that point to try being cat owners, and have loved them ever since.

    I was told by a dog trainer the other day that there are 11,000 dogs licensed here in our city with a population around 73,000 - that is just dogs alone and does not include the ones that are not licensed - and of course, cats are not included in that number. So, lots of animals here in our town.

    Okay, way off intention of this thread - sorry, but it was mainly in response to the top animals that Michael mentioned before.

  19. MrsGrace

    MrsGrace Senior Member

    Quick question...

    All of these frozen things as they melt and get juicy and slimy... are your dogs eating these outside in the shade, on a deck or porch? Or are you feeding them things inside and in a designated treat area?
  20. ChloeLouise

    ChloeLouise Senior Member

    :grin: Chloe devours her "ice cubes" so fast they don't have a CHANCE to melt!!:grin: ...and IF there is a "mess" she takes care of that, too!!!:grin:

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