The poop that wouldn't let go

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Susan&Gus, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Susan&Gus

    Susan&Gus Junior Member

    Apparently Gus eats the hair that I shed. And apparently he's scared of his own poop touching his butt.

    This morning when I took him out to go potty, he did his usual thing and then started walking toward the door. Two seconds later he runs and squeals like something is chasing and biting him. I look over and find a small poop dangling by a hair from his butt.

    After laughing for a few seconds, I wasn't really sure what to do, so I just went for the hair and pulled it out. He squealed louder than before but was happy after he realized it wasn't dangling from his butt anymore.

    He's lucky I love him. And that I'm not a complete germaphobe.

    I guess it's time to vacuum. I don't trust him to not eat more of my hair...and I definitely don't want to have to do that again.

    Now that I'm not completely grossed out by poop anymore, does anyone else have a funny dog poop story?
  2. HappyPenny

    HappyPenny Senior Member

    He might have been hurt by the hair pressing against his erm.. muscle. Hence the squealing and walking funny. Penny eats my hair from time to time and ends up in a similar predicament. He either goes again and gets rid of it himself. Alternatively I pin him down to immobilise him and gently cut it off with scissors. The rest will come out next time he goes potty. Pulling might actually cut his soft skin so I would avoid it.

    Rubber toys are the worst for getting hair stuck to them. I wash them before giving them to Penny to avoid situations like that as much as possible.
  3. Susan&Gus

    Susan&Gus Junior Member

    Good to know. I didn't think it would hurt him at the time nor did I have any scissors available but I'll keep that in mind if that happens again! Thanks!
  4. Tesrey

    Tesrey Senior Member

    Pete has done this with both hair and grass. He likes to graze in the yard from time to time but doesn't always like the after thoughts ;)

    I've pulled the same from him and other animals from my past. The worst was probably when christmas tree tinsel was still around and I had to pull a 12 inch one out of the cat (they really like to eat it for some reason).
  5. HuskerSMJ

    HuskerSMJ Senior Member

    Suki has had this problem before as well. Usually it's from chewing on those ropes with the knots at both ends. She doesn't squeal though. She just does an infinite poop-walk around the yard until it eventually comes out or (yuck) I have to help.
  6. Susan&Gus

    Susan&Gus Junior Member

    It happened again this morning. He was a little less surprised by it this time I guess since he didn't squeal and tried to poop it out...except it was on the cement. Luckily I saw what he was trying to do before I had a mess outside of my door, so I moved him back to the grassy area.
  7. Thantos

    Thantos Junior Member

    My Sushi likes to poop up hill ! ! ! Our back yard has a very steep hill and every morning when she poops she faces down hill with her butt facing up hill and poops ! ! ! Then the little poops roll down the hill between her legs and she barks at them LOL its the funniest thing I have ever seen! Even our other dog watches her like shes crazy!
  8. Nikojin310

    Nikojin310 Junior Member

    This exact same thing happened to Kato a few times when he was a puppy. The worst time was when I had my brother and his wife over for dinner. I let him outside the back door to do his thing and as he was trying to finish his #2, he waddled away faster and faster until it turned into a full on sprint around the back yard with his poo tail (that's what we called it) hanging on for dear life!

    At that point, he was running around in circles, yelping in fear/bloody murder (a horrific sound, I might add), as this dangling poo whacked him in the bum over and over. My sis-in-law opened the back door to see what all the noise was about and he ran inside the house. A few laps around the house and many poo trails later, he calmly stopped at my feet looked at me and turned his bum towards me as if he was asking for help, haha.

    I grabbed the scissors and clipped it off. I got so many puppy kisses from him afterward! I was his hero. He did leave poo trails in the kitchen, hallway and living room. Fortunately, I had hardwood floors and tile, so cleanup was relatively easy.

    This was probably the most memorable story of his puppyhood, the other being his encounter with a bee, haha!
  9. Finley

    Finley Member

    this happened to finley just the other day but it was a piece of string.
    he was running around in cricles scared/trying get it. i had to laugh at 1st but then wasn't laughing when I had to pull it out...
  10. dogden

    dogden Junior Member

    At one point, my boy had a similar issue.

    Morning walks used to be a few miles and when he pooped, he knew to sit and stay (because I walked him off leash the whole time) while I picked up after him and I could easily keep an eye out around him for coyotes.

    For some reason, he would not sit and he would not stop pacing. I stood by his leavings and called to him to come over. He looked up at me, terrified, as he knew what was coming.


    *head lowers and eye avert up -- classic puppydog eyes*

    "C'mon, buddy. Sit."

    *shifts on feet*

    "w. t. f....? What's wrong, sweetheart.
    *look around for coyotes*
    "Please, just sit."

    *blank stare -- half sit*

    "Ok, I know you're faking it... why are you being such a little turd and faking it?"


    "Is your butt sore? Why is your butt sore?"
    *pick up turd, realize it's 'light' a portion*
    "Hunh? Oh..... oh dear..."

    And sure enough, I went to look and there was a nugget hanging by one of MY hairs chillin' at his behind.

    Poor pup. I felt so bad.
    He was NOT happy about the extra ' back action' AND the embarrassment of it all....

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