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    I've observed numerous times, on dog shows like "Ceasar 911", the use of treadmills to "rehabilitate" animals with behavioral problems like aggression, constant barking and manic issues like licking and tail chasing. As I've said several times before, here, these "dog shows" are more about people (who own dogs) than about the dogs, themselves.

    Dogs need to move; it's written in their DNA. It's the culmination of a million years of evolution. Just because some schmuck, 1000 years ago, put a leash on a wolf, started feeding it, then, decided I'll "domesticate" this fella to keep me company during cold & lonely winter nights does not alter an animals physiological requirements. Wolfs have to hunt. Killer Whales have to swim. Pembrokes got to run! Nothing demonstrates how little most dog owners know about the needs of dogs (particularly, pems) than the use of treadmills on these shows to "correct" unwanted" or dangerous behaviors in dogs! Sometimes I think to myself, "Am I the only one who sees what's "going on", here???...", when it comes to exercise and how huge an affect it has, not just on physical fitness, but on a dog's behavior and emotional stability, too?

    And, to take this one step, further, how uneducated and unprepared most parents are in establishing healthy diet & daily exercise as the "hub of the wheel" in child rearing and that education at the expense of physical fitness and developing social skills results in adults that are severely limited both mentally and emotionally (and prone to potentially risky, bizarre, dangerous or violent acts).

    The point of this post: Please don't buy a treadmill for your pem.
    1. Walk your damn dog, and...
    2. Drag all your kids with you!

    PS: Why do people refer to Pit Bulls as an "aggressive breed" but never say the same for alligators?

    If Chihuahua's had the bite strength of an angry hippo and they were raised by a self-absorbed, moron for an owner, trust me, they would be considered an "aggressive breed", too.
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    Mindless and relentless exercise such as treadmilling and running alongside a jogger or biker are not what Corgis - Pems of Cardis - or any other dog breed would prefer. The better part of exercising as far as a dog is concerned, on or off leash, is their being able to scent and inspect places and spots. Giving a Corgi a variety of places to visit for exercising including new routes is important too.
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    Caesar often uses the phrase, "calm, submissive state" in his shows. You can't work with a fearful, anxiety-driven dog because his mind can't focus on anything, let alone, training. So, that's why Milan tosses the dog on a treadmill for 30-60 mins. To lower his stress level. To blow off nervous energy. To get him in a "calm, submissive state". A relaxed dog is a dog that can be trained.

    Walking adds socialization to exercise, thus, it expands a dog's "habitat". Once he becomes comfortable with people, other dogs and daily outdoor exercise, his mind no longer races out of control and he doesn't lose his mind when he's introduced to new settings.

    It's very important for puppies to learn to "leash walk" as soon as possible. Whenever I get a new pem puppy, I begin training in a nearby school that's enclosed so he can learn to track me from behind and is free to run, sniff and explore (to build confidence). Schedule and consistency is critical. Once the dog is fit and trained in off-leash tracking, I'll walk him, on leash, where others walk their dog, too. The reason why puppy training is critical is because of the golden rule: "It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks." This rule is precisely why rescue/pound dogs are really tough to work with. Their previous owner was clueless & inconsistent in training. They give up the out of control dog up for adoption. And, now, the new owner is left to try to pick up the pieces. Note: for people looking to "rescue", I strongly suggest you both walk and use a treadmill. The more skittish, fearful or "hyper", the more treadmill is needed.

    Dogs in a calm, submissive state don't run out open doors never to return. Owners of dogs in a calm, submissive state don't post missing dog signs on trees and lampposts. Dogs in a calm, submissive state don't kill the neighbor's cat. Dog's in a calm, submissive state don't bite the mailman. And, dogs in a calm, submissive state are seldom put up for "rescue".

    So, the purpose of walking your dog, everyday, is both physical and emotional "fitness". And, of course, what's good for your dog, is good for you, too.

    Wanna know what dog show handlers feed their dogs when showing them in the ring? (Westminster Dog Show Handlers Share Show Ring Secrets)
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    For treating in training for agility or whatever or in the show ring, the best for handling and also the most convenient and inexpensive treats are small dry kibble so long as your dog really likes what you offer him/her.

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