Things that Corgis try to teach us

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  1. Michael Romanos

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    1/ Always be happy to see those you love. Yesterday i collected Fletcher Evans after him spending the day with a friend and her Corgi, and he was rapturous and 'tearful' in his greeting me.

    2/ Never underestimate the power of praise when it is earned.

    3/ Approach each day and each new experience with enthusiasm - even a walk.

    4/ Play every chance you get. If you get a playful Corgi such as Fletcher is, gee you're lucky.

    5/ Don;t be afraid to show your joy - when you are happy wiggle and wag and in human aspects strut and fling your arms about.

    6/ Never turn down a car ride with someone you love and hope like mad that there is a destination to go to that you will be pleased with.

    7/ Be loyal.

    8/ Lounge under a tree in the shade on a hot day, relax and enjoy whatever view you can see or simply being next to someone else.

    9/ Have a favourite toy.

    10/ Don't hold a grudge.

    11/ When someone is having a bad day, muzzle him/her gently.

    12/ Eat each meal with vigour and enjoy anything appropriate that is offered.

    13/ Sleep in any position you find comfortable.

    14/ Scratch where it itches.

    15/ Protect and defend those you love.

    16/ What you look like doesn't matter - it's what's in your heart.

    17/ Enjoy every day to its fullest.

    18/ Accept praise and attention without giving excuses.
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  2. fromperpig

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    Dogs have genuine souls.
    Dogs are never pretentious.
    Dogs don't lie.
    Dogs are loyal to the core.
    Dogs are a friend for life.
    Dogs are not vengeful.
    Dogs are not petty.
    Dogs respond to kindness, unfailingly.

    Now, think for a moment: Who in your life embody those same qualities?

    The truth is, we can only dream of a world where people are as honorable as dogs. People are lowering the bar, daily.
  3. Michael Romanos

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    Re no.11: Fletcher muzzles me a fair amount especially when we are out walking and I have bought a few groceries from the supermarket. I think he is reminding me that he is around and is there something in the plastic bag for him.

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