Things to know about a female corgi vs male

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    We just added a little girl to our family. We have a 1.5 year old male corgi, Apple and Kira is an 8 week old female that just joined us!

    I didn't think I had much to read up on since I feel pretty confident about raising a corgi puppy. I've never had a female dog before. After she would go pee, I noticed her little puppy fur down there would still be wet. I started to wipe her down with baby wipes. Do you do this regularly? After every pee session (thats a lot)?

    Any other pointers to look out for when raising a female corgi vs my male? I know they are more stubborn and may be harder to train lol
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    Never had to wipe a female Corgi who has just urinated. But at a baby stage it might be that your Corgi is lower to the ground than normal and /or is more well-coated than usual and/or doesn't have her toileting techniques quite mastered yet.

    I would not TREAT a female Corgi any differently to a male Corgi but their typical differences should show up.

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