Travelling away from puppy during bonding period?

Discussion in 'General Corgi Discussions' started by JessJessB, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. JessJessB

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    So Penny has been home for 4 weeks now, and next week I have to be gone for 4 days, then home for 3, then gone for 7. One's a business trip, one's a vacation to a no-dog resort. Both were planned for months before Penny was in the picture, and I can't change the dates.

    Is this going to impact our bonding? She's definitely "my" dog right now, and I don't want to lose that! Any advice on how to minimize any impact? I would assume lots of treats and together time before & after the trips.

    (She'll be home with my husband/kids during the first trip, and at my mother in law's house for the second)

  2. Michael Romanos

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    You need not worry at all. Her memories and feelings of you are very firm. But she can easily form a bondage especially as a young pup with anyone who gives her kindness, gives her food, gives her attention or can relate to her.
    Keep away from "lot's of treats" at any time because it can equate to inappropriate food and/or overfeeding which produces obesity.

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