treats for teething puppy with a sensitive tummy?

Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by tranta1989, Oct 7, 2013.

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    My little Apple is a monster with a sensitive stomach :) He is very tiny, almost 14 weeks and just a little over 7 lbs. When we got him a few weeks ago, he had very bad explosive diarrhea. He had fleas, we found out the diarrhea was from coccidia, and then he had tapeworms from the fleas. There was a point where he had no appetite, didnt play or drink water. After some antibiotics and finally getting all his shots... he has has solid stool for 2 weeks and been very healthy. He's been eating and gained 4 lbs over the last 3 weeks.

    The other day, he had diarrhea in the morning. Then some soft serve later in the day. I think it may have been because of a different kibble I gave him as "treats" . So I am not sure if his stomach is just sensitive or everything was just from him being sick. Anywho, he is a normal teething puppy and I cannot give him rawhide because I just know it will be too strong for his stomach. What are some recommendations for sensitive stomach chews? Right now, I give him ice cubes, sometimes baby carrots (sometimes that can make his tummy upset too), and a kong toy (that we havent used much, he can't have too much peanut butter either). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    If he isn't lactose intolerant, you could make some yogurt ice cubes. They don't freeze really hard and puppies love them. You might also put some of his daily kibble in a Kong, plug it with a little peanut butter and put it in the freezer. The cold treats soothe those sore gums!
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    A very healthy treat is a raw carrot. Baby carrots are the best but any fresh, peeled carrot will do (unpeeled but washed for baby carrots).

    For better risk-free care, do not give bones of any description nor rawhide.

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    For the diarrhea, give him a tablespoon of pumpkin, you can even freeze dollops of them as a treat.

    It's possible the treats gave him some of the trouble. Did he go back for a checkup to make sure that the coccidia was completely cured? It may still be lingering a little.
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    Better than treats (inclu "treats for a teething puppy" are appropriate safe 'toys' - incl 'toys' that they can get their teeth into. and reward praise by way of petting and kind words - rather than through food. Puppies can have up to six proportionate mealtimes a day so every meal is likes a 'treat'.

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