Tricks for getting puppy to "go" all at once

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    I'm in the process of housebreaking my new Corgi puppy. She's 11 weeks old, and already very good about going to the bathroom every time I take her outside (which is every 1-1.5 hours during the day) but she doesn't seem to get that she needs to "go" all at once when she's outside. She'll pee a little and get her treat/praise, then once we're back inside, pee a little more. I catch her in the act most of the time and whisk her outside right away, but after 3 weeks home she still doesn't seem to be getting the picture. Are there any tricks or tactics that experienced Corgi owners can tell me for getting her to empty her bladder during her potty breaks?

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    I think the problem might be this: Female Corgis mostly do not feel the urge to toilet as often as male Corgis. That said in both cases of female and male puppies, the timing of taking them to toilet are about the same and you are being too over-anxious. Every 1-1.5 hours is an overkill and taking to the toilet cannot be just a matter of course. It has to be as the result if what has transpired. It is confusing her. Take young puppies to toilet soon after each mealtime, soon after a very lengthy drink of water, immediately after an active play session, immediately after a extremely excitng moment, immediately after her/him waking up from a sleep, last thing before YOU go to bed at night (say 11pm) and first thing when you get up in the morning - say at 6am.

    Don't forget to use a good pet stain and odour remover to rid all the evidence of her 'accidents' in the home.

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