Type of food for my baby girl?

Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by Cowpie Meele, Aug 25, 2013.

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    We have a beautiful 5 month old Pembroke, Zoey, who we bought from a pet store in Japan (I am stationed here). When we bought her they gave us a big bag of food, and we're not out just yet but were starting to get lower and after i finish out this bag I want to have a new bag ready to go, so we've been looking now. The BX here on base doesn't have a huge variety but we do have like the major brands, IAMS, Science Diet, etc. I've heard people say that having meat is better, but also hear having corn meal is better. Personally I don't care either way, until I see pure scientific fact, and even then, every dog is different. So far we decided on the IAMS smart puppy, because my wife likes that the first ingredient listed is chicken, and I've always liked IAMS and Beneful, so as of right now I'm fine with the IAMS. I just wanted to know if anyone has tried this with their pup in the past? Just want to know all the facts so I can make an informed decision before giving Zoey anything to ingest. Thank you in advance!
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    Congrats on your new Corgi. Pet shops are not the best source of gaining a beautiful Corgi and there must be some good breeders in Japan because there are lots of Corgis in that country.
    First off, find out what "the big bag of food" is because it might be worthwhile sticking to that food. However it is probable that the food supplied is not premium and it certainly pays to provide a dog with premium food. So if you do shift do it gradually over 7-8 days. You can purchase food on-line - meaning that there will be distributors in Japan of excellent premium dog food. But Iams and Science Diet are good.

    Never give meals that ONLY contain dry processed kibble or biscuits. Supplements can be 10-20% of each meal and can consist of appropriate very small pieces of vegetables - raw is best but steamed or boiled are next (unsalted of course), small diced pieces of bolied cooked meat - beef, lamb or chicken is best (tripe is the very best) and cooked filleted fish, and wet food (canned or rolls) that surpass AAFCO standards.

    Three or four apportioned mealtimes per day is very appreciated by your Corgi pup. And don't get All-Stages food for your puppy but specific food designed for puppies for maximum benefit.

    Dogs are omnivores which means that they eat as much vegetable as meat and even some wild dog groups eat just vegetable food. I have had published a story on the value of cooked corn for dogs (Corn is a golden grain).

    My Taylor has been on a number of regular dry kibble foods over the years and currently he has Orijen which is a Canadian product.

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    Hi Cowpie,
    I really hope you weren't serious about liking Beneful and IAMS. They're really bad foods and I'm sure you could find something better for your pup :)

    Many members would suggest Fromm's, Orijen, Acana, etc. Do your research on the ingredients and try to read up more.
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    Check out the site Gally gave you and then get the best that you have available. Since you have a limited selection, don't beat yourself up about it. Maybe supplement with a little yogurt, baby carrots, apples, etc. Don't overdo as they can put on weight quickly.

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