Valentine's Day

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Michael Romanos, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Michael Romanos

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    Valentine's Day is an American invention - possibly to do with capitalistic intent ( another way commercially to spend money) - but it does provide some fun and romantic overtines and can catapult new or renewable relationships.

    Anyway my daughter and her American boyfriend paralleled what me and my wife did last night (NZ time) - we separately went out for dinner at a top rated restaurant and took in the movies afterwards and then met up in downtown Wellington for a car ride home.
    Our restaurant was Spanish and the highly rated movie was 12 Years a Slave which my daughter did not want to take her Texan boyfirend Aaron to see because if its content which might prove an embarrassment to him.

    Hope you enjoy/enjoyed Valentine's Day as much we all did.

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  2. Louwants

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    Well, it's obvious you don't know the history of Valentine's Day. The tradition of sending cards, candy and flowers started in the UK.

    Instead of me outlining the history of Valentine's Day, Here is a link. Again, you need to study more before opening your mouth:

    What Is The History And Origin Of Valentine's Day?
  3. Lonispuds

    Lonispuds Junior Member

    HAPPY LATE VALENTINES DAY MIKE!! Hope you got lots of hugs and kisses from your beloved little ones and your family!
  4. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Valentine Day may gave started in another country but it is in the USA where it has become a kind of national day and wholeheartedly embraced undoubtedly influenced by by commercial operators.
    There must be a lot of people in the UK who don't know of it or don't follow it. I went to a party last night among a small group and none of the other five couples had celebrated Valentine's Day in any shape or form.

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  5. Lonispuds

    Lonispuds Junior Member

    Well this was from me to you. From Em-Eri-Ka. Happy Valentines Day. :) it is a over rated commercial day, but it is also a day to express love to one another through other means. Love is an expression as well as emotion, and it should be shared with everyone.
  6. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    As my potential son-in-law is a Texan, it is even more appropriate for me to wish you all the love you desire at this time. Women are the main benefactors of this particular day in hoping to receive chocolates or flowers especially.

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  7. Kevan h

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    I call valentines day a hallmark holiday!
  8. Michael Romanos

    Michael Romanos Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Had to look up "Hallmark" to see what Kevan is on about and he is not far wrong. Yes card-giving comes with roses and chocs and don't forget the poems.

    I took a little notice of the results of a NZ poll the other day on Val Day and just caught two of the items mentioned - of those NZ men who acknowledge Val day, 70-odd percent offer lollies (which includes chocs) and 34-odd percent flowers. Mine was dinner out and a movie.

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