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Discussion in 'Dog Training' started by teganlover18, Oct 7, 2011.

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    So me and my husband got a corgi puppy back in march. I found out soon afterwards that I got a job in Hawaii and would need to leave in June. Since she was a puppy the quarantine process ended up taking longer than expected but she will be here next month.

    As soon as we got her we began crate training. It was pretty hard but it all worked out. She was loving her crate. We would just leave it open during the day and she would take naps in it when we were home and at night we would make her sleep in the crate and she was totally fine with it.

    Luckily my parents have been taking care of her since June. They have 2 big huskies and they are all best friends....

    My two problems:

    1) My parents never make her go into her crate. They leave it open and she will go in there for naps but right now she pretty much has free roam of the house. How should I approach this when she gets here? Should we go back to making her sleep there every night? Should we ease her back into it?

    2) Me and my husband are probably going to have to leave her at home for 5 hours a day while we are at work. She has had so much stimulation from being with the 2 other dogs that I am afraid she wont be used to being alone anymore (she used to be great with it before).

    I might be worrying too much but I am just nervous because she hasn't seen us in so long and she leaving her old home and leaving her 2 best dog friends plus my parents. What are some suggestions for good ways to ease her back into being with us/being alone/being in the crate??

    Thank you!
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    if she's fine with the crate taking naps in it, it should be pretty easy to crate train her to be okay with the door closed. Being around two other dogs, and then being alone.... it might be difficult. I speak from experience. You'll have to work up to her spending time in her crate just like you would when you first got her. provide plenty of SAFE appropriate toys like puzzle toys she'll have to work to get the treats out. I think you can handle it. Dont rush her into anything for a little while. Ease her into things when you have her back. If you wanna go check out i'm usually over there more since a corgi is a future pup. There are others there that would be happy to give you ideas as well if you're interested. Good luck and just be excited to have your pup back!
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    Thank you so much for the advice! I will try just taking it slowely and just see how she acts/feels. I have a feeling it will all work out.

    Thanks again...i'll have to check out that other board too. :)
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    no problem! i understand how tough it can be. When we first got stationed in NC, our dogs stayed back in CO with my inlaws for almost 6 months before we finally got them back. we had to ease everyone back into the swing of things.

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