Wellness core vs Fromm (puppy or adult/all life)?

Discussion in 'Puppy Feeding' started by tranta1989, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. tranta1989

    tranta1989 Senior Member

    I just got an 11 week old puppy! He is the runt of his litter, 11 weeks and only 4 lbs! Tiny tiny tiny. Well the breeder was feeding him diamond, but he doesnt seem to like it much. He has been eating a mix of puppy fromm and wellness super5mix (my last dogs' food). I am switching over his food slowly but don't know if I should go with Wellness core... I read somewhere that grain free isn't recommended for puppies? Either that or Fromm's food. Another question is if I should get puppy or adult food? I don't think Wellness has an all life stage, but I think Fromm does. His farts have also been silent and deadly! Any opinions are appreciated. :)
  2. Dillydoodle

    Dillydoodle Senior Member

    I personally would not do grain free for a puppy, and would go with all life stages food . Fromms is a very good food and I have fed it to my boys for years. Wellness super 5 used to be all life stages years ago if I recall, but once they were bought out , the company added a puppy formula. I found that a lot of the puppy specific foods were a bit rich for my guy growing up. Every dog/puppy is different and reacts differently to different foods so one food that works well for one dog may not work well for another but I would probably not go to a grain free food for a puppy.

    Congrats on the new puppy.
  3. Michael Romanos

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    Generally speaking, Corgis are much better off with stage-specific food - esp puppies - than with all-stages. Many of the food designated as grain are good for puppies and adult dogs. Don't give your puppy meals that are all-dry food.

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  4. Gally

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    We have fed Gally grain free since 12 weeks of age. He's raw fed now though.

    No one food will suit every dog so you may need to try a couple to find out what works best for yours. I think Fromm or Wellness would be good choices.
  5. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    I'd go with an all life stages food. I have not feed puppy food since some time in the 90's. I have dogs here that are 13 1/2 and have never had any puppy food.

    As for grain free, I see no problem with feeding that to a puppy. When I have my next litter they will eat what their mom eats and she's eating a grain free food right now, so that's what they'll get.

    Breeders who feed raw, wean their puppies onto a raw diet. So whatever you decide to feed. Maybe the food needs to be soaked? How did the breeder feed it? Was anything added to it? Was it soaked?

    Did your puppy start life with any health problems other than being small? (Asking because there might be on going health related problems that would mean a special diet.)

  6. tranta1989

    tranta1989 Senior Member

    Yes the breeder soaked it a little bit so it was still a bit crunchy. I did that but he still didn't eat much. Today I mixed in some Fromm Surf and Turf and he gobbled that up... left his old kibble in the bowl! Before the new food, I did try to add some bully stick flakes in his food, and also tried chicken broth.. it did get him to eat more than normal but still didn't finish it. But then again I've only had him for 3 days. He seems to really enjoy his Fromm.

    I don't believe so. He came with a health certificate and records of his first two sets of shots. He did already gain 1 lb in the 3 days we've had him.. he went from 4 lbs to 5 :)
  7. Peggy

    Peggy Senior Member

    I'd soak it till it was soft, like wet food.

    Well, if he enjoys Fromm, feed him the Fromm kibble. My concern with adding things to the food is that you will make a picky eater. One that holds out for something better than what you've decided should be his regular meals.

    If you are going to add wet food, add water to it and make it into a gravy so he cannot pick it out of or off the kibble.

    IMO, unless a dog is sick, they need to eat what is put in front of them. It's your job to choose a good food, it's his job to eat it when it's given to him.

    A healthy dog or puppy will NOT starve itself to death. What I recommend is you soak the food, put it down for 20 min. If he eats great, if he doesn't, pick up the food and put it in the fridge. NO food or treats until the next regular meal time. Then put some warm water on the food and offer it again. He WILL learn to eat what you give him when you give it to him.

    Good to hear. Ok, then he is not a runt. A runt is not just a small puppy but a sickly puppy, one with health problems or one who does not do well from birth.

    It's typical for puppies to be different weights at birth. Human moms do not have babies of all the same size and weight, and neither do dogs or other animals. For whatever reason and we may never know why, this puppy did not grow as big or as fast as the other puppies. As long as he is healthy he is not a runt, undersized yes. And that's just something that Mother Nature sometimes does!

    Because of his size you might try feeding smaller meals, more often. How many times a day do you feed him? I'd recommend a minimum of 4 due to his size.

  8. Gally

    Gally Senior Member

    Following Peggy'so train of thought. How much are you feeding per day?

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