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    What does your Corgi really really like that would make his/her day glow in the joy of it for the rest of the day and night?

    Well, here are the two things that would make my 2 year old Fletcher Evans day:

    A long walk off-leash in an area that attracts other dogs and he get's to meet-up with them all and none have any aggressive behavior towards him and he gets to really play his favourite game with at least any two of them - and the game involves being chased by a dog so that Fletcher can do his speed swerving, side stepping and turning-round-on-a-dime tricks.

    The other is a lengthy walk and then off to a cafe on a fine day where Fletcher can relax, given a sizeable treat and a cold drink of water whilst shaded around or beneath a cafe table. To top it off Fletcher gets admired and petted by other people.
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