What's the funniest or most interesting thing your WC does?

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    I have two pems at the moment. Just before each feeding, they play a game of "tag-you're-it". It is quite sneaky and very strategic. The oldest begins the game by slowly moving out of the room and taking a position of hiding. The other will soon follow and fake a sprint towards the dog in hiding, then, suddenly turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction hoping/scheming to run into the evading dog. When they run past each other, full speed, & in opposite directions, they'll try to bite each other as they pass. It's like, "Here, take this for your trouble!"

    They've been doing this since they were little and they've never stopped (5 & 6). They use to knock over chairs or leap onto & over sofas to evade capture but not so much, anymore. It's only just before feedings for half a minute, or so, always at red-line, never the same maneuver/route, twice, and when I place their food bowls down, they're breathing is quite hard!

    It's hilarious to "listen" to. You can't see it all because their chase weaves through several rooms. It's wacky, kooky, incredibly athletic and intense. A good bite of the other's ear is like scoring a goal.

    At one time, I thought about putting it on youtube but decided against it. I like that this "show" is for my eyes, only.

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