When a Corgi bath is not a bath

Discussion in 'Grooming & Care' started by Michael Romanos, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Many Go Corgi members either don't bath their dogs sufficiently, over-bath their Corgis or opt to take their Corgis to a professional groomer.

    Here is what you should be doing for a typically healthy Corgi;

    1/ Brush and comb your Corgi three-four times a week for two-three minutes per session. This is great for the skin, keeps the loose hairs to a minimum, takes out any knots/tangles, helps get rid of dirt and dust from the coat.

    2/ Shampoo-bath two-four times a year.

    There are great alternatives to wishing to bath a Corgi more often and in keeping a Corgi really clean and cleansed inbetween shampoo baths.

    1/ Take him/her to a clean water swimming spot at a river/stream/lake and dry with a clean towel after. Swimming is fun for Corgis and physically rewarding.

    2/ For pure water cleaning: take him for a walk in the rain and before bringing him back inside, towel-dry; get a child's paddling pool and half-fill it with water (warm water added will make it less chilly) and allow your Corgi to splash around - clean towel dry afters.

    With regard to the latter, take a look at this by Googling:


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    Of course, this is all subjective and one person's opinion, not to be taken as the one and only way.
    My corgis would disagree with you with regards to swimming being fun... They want no part of being in the water of any sort...we tried....and we hoped they would take to the lakes, rivers and streams since we love to kayak, but alas, they don't care for it. So they get regular baths in a tub...and the horror, more than 4 a year.. Oh no... Hopefully the corgi bath police won't find me.

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    My Taylor also dislikes swimming but he does enjoy a bit of paddling but only in fresh water. However he is not adverse to rain so he does quite often get soaking wet which requires a good towelling down before re-entering 'his' house.

    Little is wrong with a Corgi getting a few more than four shampoo baths a year but:

    1/ ensure that good quality and non-harsh dog shampoo is being used.

    2/ there will be less need (as previously stated) to bath any dog more than is recommended if they are subjected to swimming in clean water, or getting clean towelled-dried after a rain soak. Together with these things are the regular grooming.

    Emilie - don't continue to show your ignorance.

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    Michael, stop showing your rudeness...
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    Emilie - stop being stupidly sarcastic

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