Where does your Corgi sleep?

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    Most Corgis sleep at the foot or side of their owner's bed on a favourite blanket or dog mattress/ dog bed placed in a warm part of the room away from drafts. My Corgi has a raised platform dog bed with a woolly sheepskin rug covering it and a pillow available has a head rest.

    And it is normal for a Corgi to nap/rest in this room when the owners are absent because the room has a strong smell of the owners and the room is regarded as a 'safe' place.

    A Corgi might also like 'secondary' beds or places to nap /rest in other rooms where family members have frequented.

    It is helpful to give a Corgi options and even as a special 'treat' - maybe a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning - on your bed so that your Corgi will recognise this as a reward and a special privilege.

    But sleeping on your bed as a regular/daily aspect is usually much the wrong thing to allow and foster. There is the matter of the comfort of the owner, the cleanliness aspects of your bed coverings including loose hairs from your Corgi, there is the prospect of being disturbed due to Corgi's movements during the course of a night, there is the matter of having to deal with all sorts of dominance situations that can occur with some Corgis who can instigate or get 'caught' up with, and finally there is the times when your Corgi is being looked after by others who may not want a dog on their beds.

    A healthy adult Corgi over 10 months of age does not need more than eight-nine hours actual sleep per day - but that is another story.
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    Yep, when a dog sleeps on top of your bed, you do a lot of laundry...just ask me!
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    Jojo sometimes sleep under my desk ! :D

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