Why Corgis are long-lived

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    Just why do Corgis live longer than almost all medium or large dog breeds and most other breeds their kind of weight and size?

    Small dog breeds (under 40 pounds/ 18 kg) have lower concentrations of the growth hormone IGF-1 in their blood and this reduces risk of age-related diseases and produces a longer life-span.

    Smaller dogs do not have the fast division of cells that bigger dogs have and so they have a lower association with cancer and accelerated ageing.

    Bigger dogs grow faster which is associated with fast cell growth which in turn can be cancer-producing and accelerate over-all ageing.

    Corgis are among a small group of dog breeds who have a life expectancy of 14-16 years in specific countries (13-15 years in the USA) and are behind the longest living group made up of Dachshunds, Min and Toy Poodles and Chihuahuas.

    Corgis are generally regarded as senior when they reach the age of 11-12 in contrast with Great Danes for example who are senior at 7.

    Not alll small dogs are equal for long living, Factors are a predisposition to disease and life-style and physicality conducive to the needs of each breed of dog.

    Corgis living to within their life expectancy or beyond is very dependent on weight, exercise, food and love. Many Corgis are obese let alone overweight mostly from owners simply overfeeding and giving them high calorie food including so-called treats and neglecting sufficient quality daily organised exercising.

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